Three Survival Keys for the Married Sports Gamer

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Three Survival Keys for the Married Sports Gamer

Many sports gamers see their gaming time shrink immeasurably when they get married. Due to household chores and a whole number of other possible events, sports gaming takes a back seat for many. However, when release time of your favorite game comes around, the itch hits again. Rookie writing sensation Christian McLeod checks in today with an article on how to survive marriage and be a sports gamer at the same time in his article, Three Survival Keys for the Married Sports Gamer.

"June 21, 2008, the day that would change my life forever. It was the day I got married, and the day my sports gaming addiction suddenly was turned upside down. Just days after the return from our honeymoon, my glorious, man’s gaming room had been transformed into a “family” room, complete with a DVR full of episodes of The Hills and various accent pillows. My usual gaming time had been replaced by “couple” time, where we would discuss our day, and do various household tasks like color coordinating our guest bathroom (joy!). I was losing my identity as a sports gamer more and more every day, and I didn’t know what to do."

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Wait until you get children involved. I'll see you at 3:30 in the morning! But I give myself a "lunch allowance" each week where I put aside a little here and there to get gaming money. That or give plasma! J/K But my wife will never enjoy my gaiming, it's just tolerated. Now my kid, he thinks it's the greatest thing ever. I'm fighting him off at 3 years old. Great article! Brian
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i ll try everithing but a women will never i mean NEVER understand how you can tweak slider, modify roster ,learn playbooks, for 4straight hours she just think i m crazy.
my only tactic is that apf 2k8 make my son sleep so when bed time comes it s gaming time !!
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Old 09-23-2008, 10:43 AM   #4
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Great article! And funny too!

Oh, and oh so true!
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im always with my daughters..... they're young so they dont like games too much but once I fire up my 360 here she comes(shes 2) wanting to watch dora, or sponge bob lol......(ithink my wife sends her up to mess with my gaming) but as for getting the game I buy her stuff 1st knowing I have too save at least $60-$70 to buy my game so it all works out for me.
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Perfect. I love this article. I got a double-edged sword, though. She was complaining about the time balance thing, and I introduced her to Oblivion a couple of years back.


Talk about eating into my sports gaming time.

She's beat the game twice, including every download. I've yet to beat it. EVERY time, we go to the local game store or mall, she's compelled to ask the manager, "so any word on the release date for the next Oblivion?

However, playing that game from sun-up to sundown, gave her a newly found respect for the stress-relief that I got from playing video games. She doesn't bother nearly as much now, cause half the time, she's on the 360 now trying out new games to find that "immersion" factor that she got from Oblivion.
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For years I have been in a world of people who could not relate to my passion. I thought I was stuck in a matrix of sorts. Talking to a refer as casual gamer/ weekend warriors.

NOW discovering OS has proven that I in fact did take the right pill when I 1st played the basketball game on ATARI 2600.

As far as game time. I am not currently married but do have a live in girlfriend witch i introduced to Nintendo DS & Cooking Mama 1 & 2.

I am for fortunate enough to be able to play @ work on downtime so when get home it is out of my system.
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totally agree with the article. i am always getting called to look at something like a dress or a help with something simple like cooking. it gets to be nerve racking but i get in bout 1-2 hours every day and all day Saturday and Sunday most times. no kids yet but i know my brother has that little deterent.
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