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Looking Back to Move Forward

Many gamers remember a lot of "old-school" features which are now nowhere to be seen in video games. In his first article here at Operation Sports, writer David Johnson takes a look at some of these features and asks a very important question, "Where are they now?" Be sure to take a look at David's article, Looking Back to Move Forward, and comment on his thoughts!

"Video games have been around for quite some time. In fact, a sports video game called Tennis For Two can be labeled as the first video game ever. Titles like Pong, Tecmo Bowl, Intellivision (insert sport of your choice here), Baseball Stars and others all live in the hallowed halls of our minds as some of the best ever. So with over 25 years of modern gaming behind us, why do some of the best features from the past still remain in the past?"

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Great article, I would love to see a lot of those features come back, and that's why a lot of us loved CHoops.
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LOL now if only developers understood that by gamers wanting more presentation and immersion, they weren't referring to things like celebrating with the mascots...
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Awesome article, man. Great job on it. It was informative and a good read. I know that I'm planning to get a B/C 60 gig PS3 so I can play the old PS2 games I miss.
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Re: Looking Back to Move Forward

Great article!!!..I have always wondered why developers haven't figured out that sports gamers want to be immersed in the game..They want to feel like they are there or watching it on TV... Presentation, crowd noise, signature animations and the little nuances that go into a game gop a long way in sports gaming satisfaction... College Hoops 2K8, NBA 2K8 and it looks like 2K9 have got it down pat...
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I think developers (with the exception of EA's NCAA team) have failed to give us a chance to re-live those moments of competing with friends in a dorm room or on a couch in the basement. Yes there is plenty of online gaming, but not enough of online franchise modes. Not everyone, but a lot of people like to not only battle on the field but battle to sign a recruit, pull a trade, and basically shape a team over multiple seasons. Building a team when only competing against the CPU has limited rewards, but doing so among friends and peers is GREATLY rewarding. And leagues just don't cut it. Using a hockey league as an example...if you end up playing with a Blue Jacket team and not the Pens or Red Wings then really you are at a disadvantage and you can't change that for a league. But if the developers give us an online franchise then you can sign free agents and draft and hopefully make moves to get your team more competitive with the big boys. Also when playing in these leagues or single games online you can't use a created player. Wasn't half the fun back in the day seeing how your created RB progressed and performed againt your friend's linebacker each year? So in summary we can't say that online franchise is a feature that has been taken from us, but we can say that developers have failed to give us the functionality to re-live those multi-user franchise moments we once enjoyed.
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The sad part is NFL 2K5 and College Hoops 2K8 are the gold standard and both are dead franchises. I though All Pro 2K8 could have torn Madden a new one (the game, not the man) if it dropped the cost of licensing the retired pros and put the resources into making the most fleshed out Franchise mode and customization options of any game on the market. With 2K Share already running, the community would finsih the product in a matter of days.
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When competition between sport video game makers died, innovation died with it. The greatest games that were are dead now because of exclusive licenses. I would bet my arm and leg that if EA sports had to compete with acclaim, 2K, capcom, for consumers money their product would be great. There would be no game killing glitches or garbage AI.
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