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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: NBA Games Edition

Originally Posted by sqeg
Ray Delizo - Fiction. The fact that Sony currently has the best Major League baseball game on the market makes one wonder when that kind of video game magic will translate to its NBA franchise. With the tremendous strides that NBA Live and NBA 2K have both made, without some major changes, Sony's NBA games might die an ignoble death. The addition of Franchise mode this year is a step in the right direction, but other areas like presentation and gameplay need work before it can be considered a contender to the throne.

The statement wasn't if it would be a contender to the throne, it's if the game will still be around in 4 years. It's lifespan hasn't been very long & it's already making strides. The addition of Franchise mode was a must & that has been done, now they need to build on it, & why wouldn't they?

The Life is also a big feature, especially considering how popular RTTS is. If done right, & this is still only the 3rd or 4th version of it, with continued strides in improving it, it could be a huge draw.

NBA '09 The Inside also includes 14 of the 16 NBDL teams which could be an even bigger draw for hardcore simmers. No other NBA game out on console includes this.

It may or may not be around in 4 years, probably not competing for the throne but that's not what the statement was about. It has features that it can build on to greatly improve their chances of hanging around. In short, your analysis is ignorant & fails...
With all due respect, I was considering its place among the current staple of games when responding to the question. Does it have features it can build on? Sure, as you so eloquently outlined, it does.

Some thoughts on your points, my friend. The Life is a good mode to have, but is it really appealing to all gamers? While many will find it worthwhile, there are still some out there who prefer traditional five on five team play.

The Franchise mode is great to finally have, but let's face it, no decent NBA game today can survive without one. The D-League teams are indeed a great inclusion and something that is sorely lacking in either of the other two games.

Back to the original question: Will Sony's NBA be around in the future? I honestly don't know. My gut feeling tells me that there are pieces in place to make the franchise viable for the long haul, but I'm not sure if Sony's game will make it that long.
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I think live probably made some strides....but it still 2 years behind nba 2k. live is for kids man, i can't imagine no kid, lets say they are 12, playin nba 2k9 on hall of fame mode and enjoyin that ****. the folks at 2k sports got the essense of bball right. this is a game of reaction, but also a thinings mans game. you have calculate your moves and set the defense up for failure. you con't jus come down and start bangin massive ammounts of 3's like in live. I have only played lives demo and the gameplay to me was f-in bulls.h.i.t. when you think about signature style compared to what live has been trying to do, it blows ea out of the water. Unless EA changes everything from how they create a basketball game, to me the game will always be horrible. 2k while not perfect, is a basketball purest fantasy. live is a sim version nba street.
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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: NBA Games Edition

NBA 2k on the PC that is the news story for me. What the community can do with it will be the defining fact or fiction for me.

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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: NBA Games Edition

The gameplay on the other hand is the same as it has been, with little tweaks here and there, and what more can you ask for? The game is like fine wine, so why mess with it. It could be the most accurately depicted sport in all of sports video games, and if someone finds that stale because there have not been major changes to the game on the court, then those gamers must surely find the real-world NBA stale as well, because they are nearly one in the same.
I have a problem with this. The game is pretty stale, but I still like the NBA and don't find it stale. While 2K9 is a good representation of the NBA, I have chosen to forgo NBA 2K9 for a full purchase because, in effect, it is mostly the same as NBA 2K8. Association mode is practically the same but with minor tweaks, and the gameplay is as well. I agree that it doesn't need an overhaul, especially as all of the gameplay pieces are coming into place, but features, modes, presentation, etc. are stale and could afford to be revamped. It's hardly fair to discuss here because if NBA 2K10 is exactly like NBA 2K9 with some minor upgrades, most of the people here would buy it regardless. I play off-line only, and the create modes are practically the same, gameplay is the same, presentation is worse, and Association is the same except for aesthetically.

So on-court it is still good, but I would not rule out an overhaul in all other aspects, which have been the same since NBA 2K7 at the least.
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