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A Load Off My Mind


Don't you hate those screens? So do we! Patrick Williams checks in today with a look at loading screens and what works in his article, A Load Off My Mind.

"When "next-generation" consoles were first being discussed on the Internet several years ago there were many visions of how gaming would evolve. By using online play more effectively gamers would be closer than ever; with HD capabilities the virtual world would be the most stunning and realistic ever experienced; and with super-powered machines everything was supposed to be smooth and fast, including game load times."

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Good article. I love the trivia questions when NBA 2K8 and 2K9 load up a game. It would have been nice if the Exhibition game intro could have been done in Association to build hype for the match up. That would have had to be in engine since players move around and retire in Association, but it still would have been a nice touch.

I like the playoff ice projection intros after the trivia questions in NHL 2K9 too. I wish VC would have left the laser light show in from 2K8 from the regular season games. I go to a few hockey games a year and they always have light show intros for our NHL team.

Madden's intro was okay, but the exterior shots kind of pull me out of the experience because it's always the same cars in front of each stadium with the downtown area in the background. A lot of the NHL stadiums are too far away from downtown to even see it from an outside establishing shot. It just looks too unreal if you have been to some of these stadiums. I agree that the shaking real world picture to simulate a helicopter shot in the old NHL games would be a step up.
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I thought NBA 2k9 did a great job with this, with the Trivia and starting lineups.
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Yes, NBA 2k9 did a great job with the loading screens.
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think NBA live ripped this idea from FIFA
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Re: A Load Off My Mind

i like how rock band 1 and 2 gives you trivia about the artist of the song you're about to play. what they need to do is update them every now and then.
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I like the way 2K has handled most of their titles in regard to loading screens. I also like the way MLB the Show is done as well - giving you matchup info, stat overlays etc. If I have to wait, at least give me something of value to fill that time while I wait.
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Fifa 09 which was just released here in the US does a great job with this. They set you up in their "Arena" mode while you wait for the game to load. In this mode it's just one player from the team you selected and a goalie. You can quickly practice some tricks or work on your shooting while the game loads. You don't have to stop when the game is ready to go either, you can continue practicing until you are ready to start the game. This is a brilliant solution to keep you occupied while the game loads.
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