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Sliders: I Don't Get It

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Re: Sliders: I Don't Get It

What gets me also it that you have guys the have all of these Versions 2.0, 2.1, etc. How much time have they spent playing the game vs testing. Glad these people have time to do this, but with everyone having different stick skills, one persons results are different from the next. I'am sure it helps some. For my self, I had this system I changed the sliders for every team I played. Play against a great QB...the slider reflected that, each team was different, different game each time.

However, I'am glad they do have them...because no game is gonna be very good out of the box...its a game...not the NFL.
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I'll keep it short.....I love that fact that there is sliders and seeing that theres only one NFL game I wish it had more options I can tweak to my likings......This article is a waste and if the author has a problem with sliders done use them but don't bitch just to hear yourself bitch.
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Re: Sliders: I Don't Get It

I think there have to be sliders in sports games if you want each user to have a chance to get somewhat realistic results. I'm 45 years old and don't have the dexterity of my 14 yr old son when it comes to using the controller. The options are 1) say that I suck and just don't buy the game because it obviously wouldn't be much fun or 2) have some sort of system available where I can tweak things to be closer to my skill level (without being stuck with predetermined levels that are always too easy or too hard).

Two things about sliders though:

First of all, I do agree that developers are using them to cover inadequacies. That obviously shouldn't be the intent.

Secondly, sliders should work as advertised. If there is a fumble slider, the player should fumble EVERY TIME on one extreme and NEVER on the other with variance in between. That would truly give a big window to allow the user to set up the game in the manner they wish to play. It only seems to make sense that the players would play right at their rating when the sliders are right in the middle. Honestly, I don't see what is so hard about that.
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This is the dumbest article I have ever read on OS.
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Blake Griffin
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Re: Sliders: I Don't Get It

Originally Posted by asu666
Is the point of this article that developers should strip even more options away from the people who purchase their games? Waste of space imo.
Exactly. The writer is obviously clueless. To assume we adjust sliders just to make it easier for ourselves is laughable. Everyone's tastes and skills are different. To assume we all neatly fit into each default difficulty level is a joke. One of my biggest complaints with NCAA this year is trying to get the cpu to run the ball better. I guess I should just live with that I suppose rather than adjust anything? Please. And I'm 36 and grew up without sliders. Sliders are a great thing and should never be removed.

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Re: Sliders: I Don't Get It

Have you watched Madden Nation?

This is why we need sliders. Default games are meant to be cheese festivals now and appeal to the masses. If you want to try to get a more sim like experience you have to use sliders.

What happens when the hardest level isn't hard enough? Use sliders.

Unfortunately it does lead to excessive compulsive disorder because there isn't enough time in a lifetime to test every single thing. I mean you could play a game or 2 that could be total anamolies and then if you try to change sliders based off that, you end up digging yourself a hole straight to slider hell.

Overall, I am glad there a re sliders especially now that the developers love "Wide Open" Gameplay.
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markprior22 is spot on. That is exactly how sliders should work.
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In my younger days (I'm 35), I thought that people who tweaked sliders were unskilled idiots trying to make the game easier. Over the past few years, may way of thinking has drastically changed. Sliders' in many cases, make the games more playable.

As one poster stated earlier, these games are set to the most "accessible" level when you buy them. Sim sports game are regularly set to arcade gameplay by default. Most sports fans/gamers want to play a game that's as close to the real thing as possible. Really, how much fun is it to blow out USC' s football team with Duke when you KNOW that would never happen or to get totally pasted by the New York Knicks?

Sliders are absolutely necessary. Default difficulties are either far too easy, extremely difficult (with a little cheese on top for the CPU) and in most instances, absolutely unrealistic.
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