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Originally Posted by PaulZweber
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 06 Nov 2008 is $10,572,829,562,938.84

The estimated population of the United States is 305,044,972
so each citizen's share of this debt is $34,659.91.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$3.87 billion per day since September 28, 2007!
Thanks for the correction. I misquoted an estimate for each working American when federal, state, local, and personal debt (mortegages, cars, college loans, etc.) are combined. Either way we are looking at some already bad numbers getting a lot worse.

The video game industry had been thought to be somewhat recession proof, but EA took a pretty big hit on slowing sales last quarter. Hopefully people will give Dead Space and Mirror's Edge a try to encourage EA to focus on innovation and quality being the road to better profits. I think a lot of the devs at EA really want to blow out their production schedules and create some great experiences, but I'm sure the accounting issues in doing something like that give some of the execs vertigo.
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Re: A Look at EA's Marketing Hype Machine

Originally Posted by asu666
"Every year EA gets its customer base and other constituents alike to believe that this is the year its game will have unprecedented realism."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Agree 100%...I call it the EA way...the marketing and hype of Madden and NCAA trumps anything that EA actually does to actually improve the game..Marginal improvements plus oversaturated hype equals big sales for EA..We all buy into the hype every year without fail..We have "community leaders" that start the process via community days and off we go..lol..While I believe that EA developers and producers frequent this site to get some insight from hardcore gamer to me the primary reason is to appease to these gamers and keep there loyalty for at least another cycle..There is no way EA can deliver on half the things they promise from year to year in regards to sports gaming particulrly football...but the hype and interaction would have you to believe that...
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...reminds me of the Mac commercial, where the PC guy is dividing the money on the table into two stacks for his budget: a large stack for advertising, and a small stack to fix Vista. The Mac guys says "Do you really think that amount of money is gonna fix Vista?" and the PC guys says, "I guess you're right, we'll just put it all in advertising." LOL.


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Well, in EA's defense all their sports series have gotten better since moving to the 360 and all or as realistic as they have ever been. I agree with the hype article completely though and previous to this year MOST of their sports games were just garbage.
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EA markets so well because they have to.....their games are not that great, and way overrated....Just because I see some lousy looking player models on Sunday NFL Countdown, doesn't make me wanna buy Madden......I buy games that are good, no matter what company makes them....it's just too bad that EA Sports makes most of the sports games, because sports-games are almost all I play....
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