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How 2K Can Expand Its Lineup of Games

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HERES AN IDEA, instead of putting out more crap Fix the nightmare series you already own
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Yeah 2k has gone all EA on us the past few titles....especially baseball!
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Its not so much they need to expand their lineup. Its more so the need to not only make the entire sports line feel like next gen titles, but also making the effort to fix the long standing legacy issues (franchise freezes, aweful AI etc) to bring their sports titles in line with what EA is currently offering.

Their biggest mistake was not taking the time and effort/funding to actually make a new set of engine systems (meaning AI, graphics, animations etc) towards next gen sports games like EA has done, rather than doing quick half *** Xbox1/ps2 port jobs, bugs and all while putting a shiny coating over it and calling it NG.
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I would like a legends baseball game, count me in
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Re: How 2K Can Expand Its Lineup of Games

number one and i think they started allready and that is offering there current line of top games on the pc market it has more of a world wide appeal because of the modding abilitys even if they dont structure there games to be modded Tex mod alows you to mod it wich to me gives any game new life.
i have been playing games for over 30 yrs and i do know that the game engine for all pro football is light years ahead of the madden series were they fell short is by only offering limited customization give full 32 team customization and the community will do the rest i would sugest bringing it to pc cause then we could mod it and no need for a nfl licence it would out sell madden on pc for sure.

price breaks on the more titles you buy from the game manufacture and definetly they need a new advertising slogan and strategy they fall way short in promoting there games and in the info they release if you cant put new info about your games on there own web site why not release it as a streaming message on there current games when you play online so that the insider news is actually directed to people who are playing your last years games as well as if they reach milestones in the games maybe they get bonus info or pictures that can be downloaded to there xbox 360 or ps3 how cool would it be for me to do something amazing in lets say my nba 2k9 game then get rewarded with a picture of next years game for my actions that is saved to my hard drive .

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Originally Posted by fjccommish
How about a sports game not tied to a pro license? Focus on the game play, the AI, the experience rather than on headbands, player faces and trying to make things like in real life?

I don't mind playing with Michael Jordache if the game play is nice...if the superstar guard can drive and dunk, but can be stopped if triple teamed and knocked to the ground every drive.
2k could have created a fictional football league with fictional players that resembles the NFL. They had all the key components in place. They have the customized library of names, great game-play.

Another great game idea would be indoor soccer. Faster action with a bit more scoring than traditional soccer would definitely draw a larger American audience.
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College Hockey would be great!!! I might not sell all over the US, but the north and northeast, and more and more college players are coming from other countries!! That would be sweet!!
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Originally Posted by dickdalewood
Arena Football might be rough now that the league won't be running for the upcoming season
I read an article about this after the story was posted, although according to ESPN, they were definitely abandoning the season yet.
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