How 2K Can Expand Its Lineup of Games

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How 2K Can Expand Its Lineup of Games

About 10 years ago, my college roommate and I found two scratch-off game cards tucked under our door. Like so many other marketing gimmicks aimed at students our age, they were littered throughout every hallway of the dorm. While I cannot remember what they were advertising, I certainly remember one of the prizes.

You see, for some reason, my roommate and I bothered to try our hand at winning -- instead of discarding them with the rest of the credit card applications and free samples of shaving cream. But before putting coin to cardboard, I remembered a trick I learned on the school bus during the days of a Topps Gold Card promotion. One properly equipped flashlight later, we were both "guaranteed" winners of a Sega Dreamcast.

For some reason, my roommate only received a T-shirt in the mail. I, however, found a large box with my name on it upon returning home for Christmas break.

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How about a sports game not tied to a pro license? Focus on the game play, the AI, the experience rather than on headbands, player faces and trying to make things like in real life?

I don't mind playing with Michael Jordache if the game play is nice...if the superstar guard can drive and dunk, but can be stopped if triple teamed and knocked to the ground every drive.
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What about a soccer game?
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Racquetball........sweet. There has never been a real racquetball video game created. Some stupid "Street Racquetball" game was created but it was horrible.
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Canadian Football League game would be awesome
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I'd love to see 2K release All Pro with a pimped out Franchise/Owner mode. I'd look at licensing the Pro baseball series from Konami and attaching the MLB license to it like they do with Power Pros. Bringing College Hoops back would be awesome too.
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Yeah, a classic baseball game would be great, but probably not feasible due to financial constraints.

I would like to see them make a wrestling game.I don't like Soccer, but that would probably be a good idea for them.

Golf too
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Re: How 2K Can Expand Its Lineup of Games

APF with the option of giving players the ability to make customizable rosters/team logos/colors would be my first pick.

Or maybe try something like UBO did, online only. You have one guy and can train him to get attributes and then play one position on a all player team. I dont normally play online but I have played UBO and I constantly play the Warhawk demo (which is online only)
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