Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part I)

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Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part I)

Mid-January is not really an ideal time to be a sports gamer -- especially when you live in Michigan. You would think that the colder-than-normal temperatures and frequent snow showers would be the perfect reason to spend hours upon hours cooped up in your gaming cave, but that is not the case. The reality of the situation is that the slowdown of new sports-gaming releases, coupled with the fall gaming releases reaching their saturation point, leads to some hardcore sports-gamer doldrums. With these doldrums comes a delirium much like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, or Homer Simpson in The Shinning if you prefer.

"Cold weather and no sports gaming makes Christian an angry boy."

So what is one to do if he wants to retain his sanity in such adverse conditions? How about get together with an old friend and have an in-depth discussion on the top 25 video game sports teams of all time? Well, that is exactly what I did last week with my best friend Matt (aka Super Nintendo Chalmers), and not only was there plenty of healthy debate over which teams deserved a spot in this exclusive list, but also some great memories were rekindled.

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Nice list. Here are some of the top teams from the games I played growing up (in no specific order):

Phoenix Suns (Lakers vs Celtics -- Genesis): Tom Chambers triple-pump dunk from the three-point line was unstoppable. Add Jeff Hornacek, Thunder Dan Majerle and KJ, this team was unreal...

Team USA Basketball (USA -- Genesis): This game used the Lakers vs Celtics engine and no team could hang with the US. Although, no matter who you played they typically scored in the 70s but with Team USA, I was dropping 150.

Oakland Raiders (Tecmo Bowl -- Nintendo): One player -- Bo Jackson. Anyone who has played this game knows why. If not, visit YouTube.

Boston (Double Dribble -- Nintendo): I am not sure if this team had attributes to reflect the Boston Celtics but hitting three-pointers with this team was too easy.

Hartford Whalers (NHL Hockey -- Genesis): Not that the Whale were that good but I was a fan and hated to see this team move.

'85 Bears (Madden 93 -- Genesis): This is one team I cannot believe didn't make the list. I played in a Madden tournament in college when this game was new. The '85 Bears were banned. Why? This team was fast.

The HOF (Baseball Stars -- Nintendo): It took me some time to build my team's attributes before I could hang with the likes of Henry Aaron and Babe Ruth. This team in Baseball Stars was the virtual version of Murderer's Row.
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I don't know if they made your list, but the Dallas Mavericks in NBA 2K or NBA 2k1 were unstoppable. They had Dirk who was a matchup nightmare for small forwards. They also had 7'6 Shawn Bradley, who as bad as he was in real life, was a video game monster. I am blanking on their PG right now, but I think it may have been Nick Van Exel. They could shoot 3's, were a monster on defense, and despite a 69 or so overall rating were one of the best teams in the game.
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Let me add a couple more:

Stars (GBA Basketball -- Commodore 64 (OLD SCHOOL): This game was a two-on-two basketball game with fictional players with attributes that matched NBA legends. The Stars was a team that my neighbor and I had issues dealing with. When we finally beat this team, we popped open a bottle of Coke and celebrated....

1986 Boston Celtics (NBA: The Pro Game by Lance Haffner -- C64): This game was a text based sim and played out with crazy accuracy. Playing the 86 Celts, especially in The Garden, was damn tough. In The Garden, it was near impossible to win. I hated the Celts but ended up using them for one season. My record -- 67 wins and 15 losses. 41 wins and 1 loss at The Garden.
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Re: Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part I)

Lincoln City in Championship Manager '03/'04. I got them to the Premier League in 4 seasons lol.
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Madden 2001 Rams
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Some I haven't seen mentioned yet.....
madden 64 - Broncos (just trust me)
NBA live '95 - Warriors (Webber-spree-mullin-hardaway i KILLED with this team)
Ken Griffey Baseball (SNES) - Atlanta Braves - remember not real names, but 1993 representations of maddux, glavine, smoltz on the pitching staff, with mcgriff, justice and ron gant in the middle of the lineup.
NHL 94 - Blackhawks
Madden 2003 - Rams

Eski AGREED on Boston in Double Dribble...i was thinking the same thing but thought i was the only one since its not like the game had attributes or anything.
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The pg was Nash on 2k and he was a BEAST i remember making a roomate break a control because of that team! Madden 04- Atlanta Falcons, Vick + cheese = instant anger,
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