Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part III)

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I remember FIFA 95 for Genesis very well and I definitely agree about Italy. They were a force to be reckoned with in that game. I once played as them with 10 minute halves on the highest difficulty and won a game 31 to 1.
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how about the Madden 09 Cowboys on 360? Romo just lobbin crap up to T.O. and roy williams, puttin marion barber at FB and felix jones at RB and their o-line was at least a 91 average and everyone on their defense could play, I've only beat them on xbox live like once and that was with the Patriots and the guy sucked, these cowboys were not only amazing, but very highly overrated
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Re: Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part III)

The Colts in NFL 2K5 were unrealistically good.

But how about players or teams that were not that good when you looked at the stats but once you got a hold of them you would get crazy. When you chose them your opponent would snicker and taunt, but when you were done with beating them down they would be sitting and holding their jocks.

Brad Lohaus in NBA Jam had no appeal, except for the fact that he never missed a shot, ever.

Alan Houston in Live 2000

The O'Bannon Brothers in Coach K basketball

Cleveland Browns in Madden 08

Bob Foster in the original Knockout Kings
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Germany for the first FIFA game (no year but right before 94) was RIDICULOUS. I could score 3 or 4 goals a game from behind the midfield line. Hilarious. I mentioned earlier that the hornets dominated in NBA Jam, but you are right the Sonics were hands down the best team.....
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Originally Posted by Bumble14
haha, maybe I'll put together a "worst" list sometime in the near future

I LOVED the 85 Bears, but I felt they were unfair to include into the list because they were technically an "All Time Team" in Madden. All time teams are naturally going to dominate, so it wasn't a level playing field.

The Lions were better in Tecmo Super Bowl than the Niners in my honest opinion. Mel Gray was the X factor and basically would take any kickoff/punt back for a touchdown. Add this to Barry and the Lions dominated on the ground.

The Niners were no slouch, I just don't think they were that good considering some of the other teams in the Tecmo series. The Oilers, Chiefs, Redskins, and Bills were all just as good as the Niners. The Raiders and Lions were the two teams that stood out most to me.
Well, actually the 1985 Bears weren't an All-Time team. An All-Time team would be, for example, a specific team with players from different eras making up an All-Star team, so to speak.

The 85 Bears was a team made up of its original roster thus not really defined as an All-Time team.

Otherwise, great list. Oh, and I support the Tecmo Lions. Barry Sanders was incredible.
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The Bears from Tecmo Bowl should have been #1 in my opinion. I played that game for years and always had the Bears and I never lost.
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Re: Top 25 Most Dominant Teams in Sports Gaming History (Part III)

Phoenix Suns in Bulls vs. Blazers. Chambers. Barkley. Majerle. Cheddah was bettah.

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Gotta go with the Boston Frogs in Double Dribble. They were unbeatable back in the day. If you knew the sweet spot with the 3, it was over. In my dorm back in the day, I heard of another DD player who was the best in his dorm, so one day we met and played. It was a complete thrashing. He was embarrassed by me...err..I mean my Boston team. Like 146 to 100.
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