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Are Console Developers Doing Enough to Punish Cheaters?

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Re: Are Console Developers Doing Enough to Punish Cheaters?

Originally Posted by tril
I never understand why folks cheat on a video game, especially when one can always continue playing if they lose.

But, I also fault the developers. The rules, point system, power-ups and player rankings in on-line games should be overhauled.

A system should be in place where everyone is neutral. This is where mastering a game comes in handy. 1on1, 5on5 should literally be like playing a game of chess or checkers. the only advantage comes from the gamers skill level, not because he assembled a team of all star players (Kobe,Lebron, etc), or gathered up the most power ups.

These sports titles already have the mechanics in place. running plays, signature shots, etc, should all be based on the users ability.

A war game should be about progressing through the game without power ups. Knowing how to use the virtual landscape and using the weapons should be the only advantage a gamer has.

long story short get rid of all the artificial bs in on-line games.
The way the rankings are set up online is horrible. For instance, the more you play online in Madden (and win), you'll easily be able to sit on top. But for those that don't play as much basically have no chance what-so-ever to get to the top. They need to make the ranking system online more of a ladder for sports games. Where if you beat the #1 seed and you're #10, you move up half the distance or 25% of the distance to that spot. Somewhere they have to make these rankings open to people who have time and people who don't have time, so everyone can enjoy the rankings.
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hell no they dont do enough especially EA
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Have some real mods online for all EA games and quit jerking us around!! I pay $60 for annual roster updates that can be sent in patches like they have been doing. I'm tired of getting punished by others because I exploit there DEFENSE rather than exploit the PROGRAMMING of the game.

When people pause at the begginging of the game now I know that 9-10 times they are putting their RB at FB and run FB dives because they dont know how to play the game or progress the way others do. It hurts to be winning and all of a sudden your opponent quits mid game and I get left with options. Why am I left with options when 2k has been awarding the right people with wins and losses when stuff like that happens.

EA to me is just to far behind, I mean we still have canned animations and 2 player gang tackling along with invincible QB who can get 5yds or more on sneaks without batting an eye or even suffering from the licking he should have taking from such a play. I even gotten beat by a guy who threw the same play all gm topped with a FB dive for those short ydg situations and yet for the life of me I couldnt stop his passes that looked like they should have been caught out of bounds but his WR managed to catch it in bounds and make plays. Thats the type of crap that needs to be banned and then to get a message of "learn how to stop it" is just the stake thru the heart.
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In the case of MLB 09 they are not doing a good job of slamming the door on cheating. This is a link to the game history of the number 1 ranked player. [ h] If you notice his game playing time vs. his opponents its 1 inning and done for most of his games. A great majority of the players in the top 100 share these types of games because they are creating zombie accounts and giving free wins to their fellow cheater punks.

What is the purpose of creating these web sites to track online leaders and statistics if you let the cheating run rampant? The game has been out for 3 weeks and it is painfully obvious who the cheaters are if you check out the leaderboard and access the last page of zombie accounts. Input those accounts into the game history section, look at their common opponents and bingo you have most of your culprits. How much time and effort does it take to carry out this process and then proceed in freezing the accounts of these losers? Are they operating on FBI criminal investigation time or what?

I agree Madden is a joke and after last years debacle I wont even bother purchasing it next year. I dont understand how you could even have a national tournament based on that game. I watched a final on ESPN that took place in some resort town that featured two schmucks playing each other using the same team, the Cowboys. That game has turned into a disgrace and an embarrasment to sim sport gamers.

If MLB the Show could figure out a way to clamp down on these cheaters they would be able to garner more revenue by creating tournaments themselves. Hitting vs pitching is all it would come down to unlike in Madden that has teams filled with All-Pros (Cowboys) that cant be stopped unless Billy from the LD class is using them vs Dr. Madden Exploit who has the Lions.

Baseball is such a beautiful game that has had very minimal changes since its introduction to society. I love how Steve Stone (our new White Sox TV color analyst alongside Ken "Hawk" Harrelson) breaks down pitching to its simplicity. For example he has often mentioned the best way, that has not changed since baseballs inception, to get hitters out is high and tight or low and away no matter the hitter. Harrelson also talks about hitters "expanding their zone" or "zeroing in on a location". Im sure other announcers you all have listened to speak about these exact topics. Now to get back to my point, if you apply just those two simple concepts regarding hitters and pitchers and field the ball every player has a chance no matter the matchup. All you need is some pretty good hand eye coordination. Now if you are playing against a person with similar or greater skill than you in those areas I wouldnt recommend using the Orioles if they have the Red Sox.

In a tournament atmosphere one of the few things that could be counted as an exploit that would have to be eliminated is speed pitching (not giving the batter a sufficient amount of time to prepare for the next pitch) because that heavily favors the pitcher especially if they are using a pitcher who throws very hard. Two televisions or monitors back-to-back would take care of opponents seeing pitch location. Other than that there may be a thing here or there I may be missing but I can see a show tournament surpassing madden even though you dont have the XBOX community although reading some responses to an article written on this site regarding titles that sell consoles that may not be a problem. Until then I will continue to enjoy The Show 09 playing against my buddies and some of the relatively few sim players online along with the RTTS and Franchise mode.
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Do any of you think EA will do anything like this for all there games? I dont think so but it will be appreciated greatly if they did, I'm so sick of people who make multiple accounts just to be on top of a leaderboard that dosent mean jack if you had to cheat your way to get there. I have this fixation with madden that I have to play until some bum decides to cheat me because he cant adjust or handle losing. I dont even use the FB dive at all since I know in my heart that its way over used because EA has now came out and shoed us why its like that. I am expecting a lot from this years madden and I hate the fact that EA releases early copies to all the madden site owners and the like and its almost all due to them that the great non cheating gameplay is always as short as its always been (2 weeks). Curb the cheating in all games because they were meant to be competitive, I dont like it that someone finds it funny to float in the air and shoot people from the moon or underneath maps, thats not fun nor funny.

Make them regret doing what they have done and let them live with it whether it be to ban them from the game online for a while or put a permanent mark on there user profile for everyone to see. But there should be like a mandatory face the mods game that forces supsected cheaters to play mods regardless of if they want to play or not, get rid of them or risk losing more and more loyal customers due to rampant cheating online in all games.

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Developers could not care less. A classic case in point are those turds on the Madden Challenge.

Have you seen these people? Every year, EA rolls these life losers: guys who play this game for 5-6 hours a day and these clowns are PROUD OF IT.

They put on a dog and pony show, and have them showcase all of their money plays. They even did a segment before the madden challenge, in which these guys would play the developers and demo their "money plays"

Game developers do not care one bit about the sim aspects of the sport. The best we can all do, Is play these games head to ehad with a group of folks who want to play like sensible human beings.
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Re: Are Console Developers Doing Enough to Punish Cheaters?

Personally, I would relish the opportunity to ban cheaters. But my solution for EA:

create a website to report Cheaters. Certain people would play games with these cheaters and if they were found cheating they would be banned from EA servers for a certain amount of time.
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Can u blame people anymore for cheating? These days if you chet and get away your a savant. if ou get caugth "well shame on you" The hypocrisy of those in the media that perpetrate this even more for ratings

Kids saw Bill Belicheck get away with it with all his Super Bowls intact.

Also a lack of judea-christian principles, which are the values and beliefs which this country was founded on.
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