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Fact or Fiction: March Madness Edition

On this week's Fact or Fiction, two of our superstar staffers will be taking on each other for Fact or Fiction supremacy. Both Caley Roark and Christian McLeod come into this week's battle of wits with pretty good records on their resumes. In our completely ridiculous OS Staffer Seeding System, we'd probably have to give both two seeds.

On the chopping block this week include possibly overpriced knockoffs, the greatest baseball game ever made, Madden NFL Football and if March Madness could be the best sporting event of the year.

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I'm not sure if I can disagree more with Christian. He thinks too highly of MVP '05 (big difference of opinion here), thinks the Madden team is just throwing a new coat of paint on the game and calls March Madness one of the most exciting sporting events in the universe. If March Madness is so great, how come Grey's Anatomy gets far more viewers lol? I personally think March Madness is one of the most overrated sporting events in the universe. If it weren't for people betting on brackets, the hype would be much, much smaller.
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I think the March Madness addition is stupid, the game is already $60
MVP 05 modded passes the show, if 05 would have all the animations and cut scenes like next gen it would be a lot better. I think Madden will improve, but it is not going to be as drastic as they say, maybe in a couple years it will catch up to itself. I think March Madness is the best of the year. All the brackets and other things, it is just crazy.
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If people like the bracket-filling so much and it's so exciting, then maybe EA should have you fill out your own bracket in a betting scheme (should you chose to participate and risk violations) before the tournament in Dynasty mode (or a new Bracket mode). Madden, meanwhile, could have a super bowl commercial creator.
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March Madness is the greatest sports event regardless of TV ratings. No other sport has a 65-team single-elimination tournament. Even the exciting NFL Playoffs only have 12 teams, and their club teams. It's much more exciting with schools. MLB Playoffs have 8 teams, and their series drag on way too long. Single-elimination is the way to go. By the end, you have one team who is undefeated in three weeks.
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I think Caley won this one.

I agree that at least with the 3 on 3 NHL & March Madness edition of NCAA Basketball it's not the best thing in the world having to pay for it, but better to pay for that then a retro jersey in a game you already own. Although Christian should score points for the good idea on a better way to go on March Madness would be to pick up a used copy of the game if it can be found for that cheap.

And I agree on it being very likely Madden will be at its best this year. I think the game made a lot of growth last year, and from what they've shown so far it's continuing to head in the right direction. It's always tough to know what you're going to get with EA; how much is true, how much is hype, but it does look like things have really taken a turn for the better.

Caley is also spot on in the fact that what allows March Madness to flourish is when they have the tournament. It has absolutely nothing else to compete with. I watched a lot of games, and enjoyed it, but given the choice I'd choose regular season NFL or college games over March Madness if they were going to be played this weekend. Obviously this has a lot to do with my preference of sports. March Madness is fun, but not near the top sporting event of the year for me.
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March Madness is the most exciting and thrilling sporting event. 64 teams all fighting to win and extend their season. i love college football but the way they settle there champion is ridiculous with the bcs format. nfl is good but really doesn't interest me unless the Steelers are playin. that Nova Pitt game tonight is what the madness is all about.
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