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Why Sports Gamers Need Nintendo

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Why Sports Gamers Need Nintendo

As a child of the '80s and early '90s, the majority of my earliest sports-gaming memories were forged on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I can remember countless hours spent with games like Pro Wrestling, Punch-Out!!, Excitebike, Baseball, Ice Hockey and many more first-party, non-licensed, titles for Nintendo's first home console.

When the Genesis was released, followed by the Super Nintendo, the days of first-party Nintendo sports titles seemed to be scaled back drastically. Starting with EA's NHLPA and Madden series, licensed sports games became more of a necessity in a market clamoring for realism in the sports-gaming sector.

This trend was the beginning of the end for unique sports titles on the Nintendo consoles, and also served as the end of the fictional players and teams of yesteryear. One of the more disturbing results of this shift in sports gaming was that Nintendo, in many ways, even abandoned its own first-party sports titles -- I would argue that there has not been a relevant sports game on a Nintendo system since the N64 days.

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I'm 50/50 on this.... Next gen sports games are taking over.

IMO kids will still enjoy the Wii sports/"N Sports" line games but true hardcore sports gamers want next gen and killer graphics!
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No real sports gamer gives a damn about Nintendo.
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I would be interested to see Nintendo bring back the Nintendo Pennant Chase MLB game that was canceled on the GameCube. I'd love to see a MLB sim with wii controls done right.
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couldnt have said it better
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The Nentendo sports games are fun to bust out every once and while, but honestly, they really don't compare to what is going on with sports gaming these days. Solid article though. Just don't really think any of those games would garner much attention from our sports gaming community on a regular basis. IMO.
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I think that is a very shortsighted statement DC. In fact, I couldn't disagree with you more on it.

Anyone who is a diehard, "real", sportsgamer shows a lot of respect to Nintendo for what they've contributed to the genre as a whole. Without Nintendo there wouldn't be any console gaming. Have a little respect to the elder consoles that started this whole sports gaming trend we enjoy today.

I'm also not really understanding the notion that people would not be interested in a solid Nintendo Wii sports title because "Next Gen games are taking over". Why does it matter?

A solid sports title is a solid sports title. It shouldn't matter how good the graphics of a game are, or how realistic the sweat beads off a players forehead- the only thing that should matter is rock solid gameplay. That's what the article is all about- because Nintendo is all about solid gameplay- and maybe all of us serious sports gamers should stop being so enamored with the aesthetics mentioned above, and start focusing back on core gameplay.
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