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What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

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Re: What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

Originally Posted by demencia_total
Good point. On the plus also, PC games usually take less money to develop since all programmers are familiar with the hardware, whereas with consoles, they encounter unknowns and obstacles which end up costing them more.
Also you can upgrade the PC Games alot easier. And the Mods and things....PC Gaming is Amazing.
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Re: What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

I loved PC Gamiing and would love all the sports titles to make a comeback I know playing the NHL Series when PS and N64 sucked was awesome because u could basicly mod your game by adding actual advertising and exact scoreboard advertising for all the rinks, (impossible due to licensing) add exact faces of players, change equipment, change name of arena's you name it probably same for MVP as well. I loved that consoles you cant change anything to that same level
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Re: What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

Originally Posted by mva5580

Any article that is ever written about PC gaming on a "main stream" website always brings out the people who are just completely ignorant to PC gaming, and I just wish they would shut their mouths. But obviously it'll never happen.

1) PC's cost nowhere CLOSE to as much as so many of you make it out to be. Add in the fact that ALL OF YOU already own a PC, where as you have to buy a console separately, and hey what do you know. That extra money you put into the console you could've put into your PC instead and had a solid gaming PC.

2) I play my PC in my living room, on my 46" LCD HDTV at 1920 x 1080 resolution from the comfort of my couch. And I can use a controller in any damn game I please. The "comfort" level with PC's for me is equal to consoles. It's not my, or the genre's fault if you're all stuck in the 80's/90's huddled up on a computer desk leaning into a monitor. Evolve already.

But I know I know, there's way too much rational thought here for people to acknowledge it, so go ahead and continue with your uneducated, ancient opinions of PC gaming. I'll leave you to it.
I can hook up my PC to my tv, but it's a real pain...I don't normally use it on that tv, just would be when gaming, and I don't want to have to always move it over there, plug it in again, hook up all the cables. I'm also not fully wireless for keyboard/mouse, so I'd have to get that too.

I could have a dedicated gaming PC that is solely hooked up to my HDTV, but if I'm doing that why not just have a console with the larger catalog of games?

I'm not hating on PC gaming (I love Empire: Total War!), but for me I'm able to play my friends online or in person more easily on a console. Not saying it's not possible on a pc (like you say, it is), but I don't really get the benefits of going PC over consoles.

More friends (and OS'ers) are on Live (Look at Left4Dead, the few PC guys here had trouble finding fellow OS'ers to play with, whereas we had a 360 gaming night going strong for a few months). Also nice to be able to play the console exclusives (Fable, Halo, Killzone, others).

PC gaming is a totally viable platform, I just don't personally see what would compel me to go that route vs. consoles. The perceived "pros" don't really apply to me (I'm past the "oooh, i want to build my own PC" phase, and upgrading doesn't hold that much appeal anymore). Building/upgrading end up being much more of a pain. Empire has a forum full of people with PC issues due to graphics cards and whatnot.
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Lack of support.
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Re: What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

I echo all the comments about the expense of the PC compared to the console. I got tired of all of the upgrades, and updating the drivers. While desktop PCs and their components have gone down in price, I think too many people were burned in the past, and think of consoles as being the easy/cheap way to play. The other aspect that holds the PC back is running an OS in the background.

In spite of all of that, I still play my favorite text-based sports gaming sim, Strat-O-Matic Baseball, on my PC fairly regularly. That game has a retro look and feel, and does not require the latest graphics card, a ton of RAM, or a cutting edge CPU to run.
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Re: What Happened to PC Sports Gaming?

thanks for presenting the awesome info
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