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Old 05-19-2009, 04:20 PM   #9
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I see what you are saying, but I think Boxing has become so fringe that 2009 boxers won't cut it for 90% of game buyers. And while the core demographic might appreciate the current lineup, I don't think it matters to most people.

I'm not saying they shouldn't keep the roster fresh, I just think from a marketing standpoint they need to appeal to the casual fans.

Your comparison to MLB, NBA, and NFL doesn't quite hold up, mainly because of numbers. That "core" group of MLB fans is larger than that diehard boxing fans. Plus, even if I don't know who the long relief pitcher is for the Padres, I know Phillies inside and out.

You make some good points, but I don't know that you can compare boxing to the "big 3.
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The main reason boxing has taken such a huge downturn is all the controversy & underhanded dealing that seem to go on in the sport and the spectacular rise of MMA.
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NBA live is crap compared to NBA2k, only lame fools caught on to EAs try to over hype live to be something it ainīt.

And madden is only NOW surpassing NFL2k5?!! WTF. If that isnīt a testament to 2ks ability to make sport games , I donīt know what is.

The whole talk about 2K being done is BS, I mean EA sucked balls 3 years ago, did anyone say they were done then? Hell no, itīs so stupid that 2K canīt have off years while EA pretty much stunk it out for years.

And still , NFL games would be so much better now if 2K had a license after 2k5. NBA is 2K all the way. NHL, 2K owned EA 2003-2007 so letīs see now, NHL09 was awesome, but 2K delievered so I am waiting to see what Visual concepts can bring.

Baseball? The show is owning both EAs and 2Ks *** bigtime, so who cares.

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Old 05-19-2009, 06:30 PM   #12
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I don't think EA owns any exclusive license to NCAA Basketball. From what I know 2K decided not to renew because they weren't making a big enough profit. So, the asking price may have been a little high for what they were willing to pay. Actually, I'm quite sure of this as I am checking other sites now. So, 2K can make College Hoops games if they think it will be profitable. It should be more profitable than that joke of a baseball franchise they have going.
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Old 05-19-2009, 06:35 PM   #13
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Teambuilder is not going to be used? lol?
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EA definitely has the exclusive NCAA Basketball license. They changed the name of the game because of that to NCAA Basketball and you can do a simple google search to see that they do, a quick search through OS archives led me to a few stories as well. So no, 2K cannot resurrect the College Hoops series unfortunately.
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Yep, and Nba 2k9 is much better than live.
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I don't get the "2K is done" concept. ?? They also produce non-sports games and do well with them.. 2K5 was and is the standard for football games to this point in my opinion.. EA's biggest achievment football-wise so far was to eliminate the competition. Madden was never better than 2K football to me, madden is now just the only game in town.

MLB 2K9 is a sad sad game, i constantly find myself putting it down and reaching for my 2K7 instead. They should have continued to allow KUSH games to produce the game, it's been garbage since KUSH left after 07. 2K9 had their chance to blow us away using their exclusive license, but they fumbled for a second year in a row.

I hope im wrong but i expect NCAA 2010 to be an upgrade, a collection of patches, not anything truly new. The QB pocket has been there before as have the create -a -school...which leaves us with what? the defensive assist button? Hardly sounds worth $65

just an opinion

I refused to condemn or give props to EA on any of their games until i have something else to compare them to.. Even plain old bread will seem good to a man with no other food to choose from..

these are sad days were gamin in Bros..
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