Who Is To Blame for Sports Gamers Being so Picky?

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Re: Who Is To Blame for Sports Gamers Being so Picky?

The internet.

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I think it's a cop out to blame the consumer...we're always going to want the best and most for our money whether it's a new house, a new car, a movie, a video game, etc.

I think the reason our expectations are so high is because we know that it can be done. I own a 360 and play MLB 2K9, yet I see The Show and see all of these things that are done better, so it becomes a bit frustrating to think that I'm basically paying the same price for a whole lot less. But every year, I expect and hope that 2K will shine and step it up to that next level. I expect it because I know it can be done and I'm paying the same price as others who are gettting the game that is getting it done.

Also, I go back 20 years to Baseball Btars, which had create a team, etc...and wonder why 20 years later, my game doesn't have that.

As others have said as well, the companies market the games as if they are perfect replica's of the sport when they miss major aspects of the sport.

Finally, there is no law that says a game has to come out every year, forcing them to rush through a development cycle, which means a released game filled with bugs. That is there choice. Most would b pleased with a quality title every other year and roster update in between.
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Old 07-23-2009, 06:45 PM   #19
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When we are spending 60 bucks for a game why not expect a good product.
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I know I am about to show my age but nothing compared to the hours I spent playing Micro League Baseball for the Commodore 64. This one was of the best sim experiences ever. You know you were hooked when you cleaned out your parents house and found boxes of boxscores that you had printed and saved.

Now, I long for that same type of sim game with great graphics. I am hoping that I one day see this arrive!
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The title of this post is silly IMO. The consumer has the right to express there opinions. Futhermore, noone needs to be blamed. The perfect game has not graced the shelves yet its that simple.

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Basically the game companies are to blame. Why? Because the Sports Titles for the last generation of consoles are better that the current generation of sports games. Totally Unacceptable. With the exception of the Show I have been let down by Sports Titles on the current generation of consoles.

By the way heater41, I know exactly what you are saying. I used to run my own seasons for MicroLeague Baseball, and keep stats and everything. The 1980 KC Royals were my team I used to run with.
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i think the "blame" falls squarely on the game houses. i play The show and madden on PS3 and the 2 games are light years apart. the only 2 reasons i find for this

#1 the The show has competition (the mbl series) so they are pushed to strive for excellence, where as madden has no real competition so they just put a game out every year and so be it. there is no "keeping up with the Jones" in football land cause the Jones were bought out.

#2 the Show was made for the PS3 exclusively using all the full power of the PS3. exclusive games (PS3 or XBOX) play better so if madden can have a team for the Wii they can have a PS3 team ( as eh game is currently made on the XBOX and then ported over)

i also think that there hasnt been that big leap forward when the new consoles came out . i mean from the NES to the Snes you could see the consoles power and on the line from the PS1 to he PS2.

but it seems the PS3/Xbox360 has kind of stalled out, at least for sports games. madden is still using Mo-cap a technology thats at LEAST 10 years old.

i think its the Jetson syndrome we expected to be further along than we are now.
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Re: Who Is To Blame for Sports Gamers Being so Picky?

I blame SCEA!
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