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A Survival Guide for 2K Sports

During the past couple of console generations, several companies have tried to take a run at the juggernaut that is EA Sports and, for various reasons, each has failed to knock off the big dog. Whether it was Sony's 989 Sports brand, Microsoft's XSN Sports or many of the smaller players in the market, nobody has had the right combination of development talent, deep pockets, effective marketing and good fortune to usurp EA.

The lone brand to enjoy any lasting success against EA shadow has been the 2K Sports brand. From its debut on the Sega Dreamcast through its expansion to multiple platforms last generation to its current status as EA's chief rival, 2K Sports has proven itself to be a brand with some legs.

But as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the outlook for 2K Sports is far from rosy. It has been pushed out of the football market; Take-Two buyout talks are potentially looming once again; 2K's baseball game appears to be stuck in neutral; its hockey game has been caught and surpassed by EA's offering (and may now be canceled); and its basketball game, while still the best on the market, does not dominate NBA Live in the quality department by as much as it used to.

So where does the brand go from here? Well, here are five tips that can possibly help 2K survive.

Read More - A Survival Guide for 2K Sports

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Re: A Survival Guide for 2K Sports


I absolutely love the 5th idea. I think it would be incredible.

However, lower profits in a joint venture... not something I'd expect T2 to get behind at this current time.
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Re: A Survival Guide for 2K Sports

Unless there's something I'm missing the 5th idea doesn't make any sense. 2K holds the MLB license in North America right? So there was incentive for Konami to strike a deal with Power Pros.

However, for soccer 2K Sports holds nothing.

The only reason Komani would sell them PES is if it wasn't making any money, and if that was the case why would 2K Sports buy it?
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Well #5 got a bit more difficult.
Take-Two sold Jack of all Games(TT distribution) to Synnex for $43.25 mil
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NFL2k5 and APF 2k8 are leaps and bounds ahead of Madden 10. It is a travesty EA has NFL rights and a reflection of the horrible product they continue to put out due to lack of competition.
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Number 5 is wishful thinking. The NPD numbers for the past three versions of PES show the franchise barely breaking the 750,000 unit mark across ALL platforms. Certainly not a cash cow in North America and I'm not sure how 2K's involvement would improve the franchise.

Unfortunately, 2K has been coming to grips exceedingly high cost of making licensed sports games. Until market expectations change, only the heartiest of publishers (EA) will be able to bear the cost...and of course that means that we as consumers lose as marketplace competition withers away.
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Re: A Survival Guide for 2K Sports

I agree with focusing its money into basketball and baseball but I have two questions? Hopefully you guys will be able to answer these.

Could they potentially go the route of a college football game? this could be interesting considering we know what they have done with football games in the past. Without compoetition EA's college football game has dropped off and has had limited improvements.

Another thing I think they should do is go back to College Hoops. I understand this was a tough game for them to make money on, but if they used NBA 2k10 to help them make the game and just add subtle improvements to 2k8 and maybe lower the price they could also make some money in this department.

As far as their baseball game goes I enjoyed last years, but clearly improvements could be made...MLB the Show
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Please 2K, Football,whether it's college or pro!!Tired of feeling like I don't have a choice.I always have loved 2k's Football over the compettion anyway. 2k was the closest to real simulation that we had! Please! help us out!
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