Carraggi's Corner: How Much Sim is Too Much Sim?

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Old 08-08-2010, 03:13 PM   #9
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real life sports have too much drama anymore. I wouldn't mind some aspects of this in my game franchise but not too much.
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i think for truesim, sportsgames need absolute realism at the hardest levels, rather than a jacked up cpu that cheats to have success....things are getting better, but a few games still have sado masochist hardest levels......if people want to make a game harder, they should individually boost sliders...a game on it's hardest level should be as realistic as possible...a challenge, but a fair challenge, and one that adheres to statistical accuracy
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Is that not what most sports fans want? No one buys NBA 2k or Madden looking for a non-simulation game.

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Personally, the drama is what would really make the game for me. I'm an all out sports nut, but i'm getting tired of the lack of drama in sports games. It would definitely make things more interesting, because it's truer to real life. i'd love it my player drops off in production because his wife found out he's sleeping with groupies every other night. The drama is what makes sport so fascinating. It's the original reality TV!

I'd also love to really get "behind the scenes" in be a pro modes. the ability to have personality conflicts with teamates, coaches. The ability to actually buy stuff with our salary. The ability to get a feel for the actual cities that we are playing in. If one of my guys is playing like crap, I want the crowd to boo him.

I'd like to see a lot more cut scenes than text...and i'll give you examples...

When you first start a careerin MLB the Show, I'd love for the Manager to be at his desk and welcome me, tell me his expectations. when I get sent to the minors, I want to see him look kind of somber and tell me I'm going down, and why. And same thing, i want to see the minor league manager be excited for that i'm getting the call....

when I'm playing hockey, I;d like for the coach to actually speak of the adjustments we need to make, instead of having it by text. They have it in fight 3 for crying out loud...

I'd like the ability to rip into my team if we're playing poorly....and have some players need different coaching styles.

I think there's too much focus on graphics, and graphics are nice and all, but lets get into the meat of why we love the game, the emotions, the passions in brings out in us... and the players
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Re: Carraggi's Corner: How Much Sim is Too Much Sim?

I agree, sports games need to be true to what we see on TV on a daily basis. I find myself playing franchise modes and losing interest midway through the season (NBA 2k) because there's no drama involved. It would be nice to be able to interact with teammates behind the scenes, and build relationships which affect gameplay on the court. The reason why I play NCAA football is because I can actually feel a connection between myself and my players. I just wish all sports games would provide a way for the user to have a strong connection with every player on the roster.
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Re: Carraggi's Corner: How Much Sim is Too Much Sim?

Hi everyone here.I am so glad to come in here,good to see you all.
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