Out of Bounds: The Sad College Basketball Void

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There's no need for these "Exclusive" contracts. Backbreaker's open customization showed that a developer can get around that issue and retain all the money that would've been used to utilize to purchase so called permission.

At some point, some developer will realize that the more they allow their sports game to be customized by the individual gamer, the more money they can profit through external cost reduction.

Why pay for licenses when there is the ability to have full customization.

Why pay an individual to create rosters and input ratings, when 99% of gamers will edit themselves or utilize another gamers edited version.

Why spend money for the processing for new game disk, when only the visuals and presentation that change from year to year could be downloaded as DLC.

Why waste tons of money utilizing old marketing avenues when the greatest tool is the gamers word of mouth that utilizes the "Free" social networks with greater occurance than costly TV, radio or web spots.

Let's not kid ourselves though!

The next College BBall game to drop no matter who makes it, or what the review scores look like, many will by on the notion that something is better than nothing.

We do it every year with our beloved Football.
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rman's Arena
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Wow, it's crazy to think about what college hoops 2k11 could be with NBA 2k11 gameplay. Personally i would do almost anything to get this game back. Im playing CH2k8 currently but can't get over how much better it would be, it's hard to sit there and continue playing. Im just hoping. If NBA 2k11 says you can import draft class then I'll know we're back in business!!!!
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Old 09-21-2010, 12:36 AM   #28
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I see where you are at but the comparisons to Lacrosse and MMA and rubgy are a bit misleading. Those 3 sports, although their fan bases are smaller, are all ridiculously passionate. Theyre all like hockey fans in the sense there almost arent casual fans of those sports...just hardcore fans and non fans. Almost no middle ground. Basically, id be willing to a bet a higher percentage of lacrosse fans would buy a lacrosse game vs. basketball and football. In the end, that could be a nice figure. Just a gut feeling.

College basketball is almost entirely casual fans (or current students who just like going to games when football isnt going on) in my opinion. Most people will only watch in March...and i doubt regular season games are pulling huge tv numbers. Maybe some big matchups, but with 68 teams in the tourney...regular season isnt that exciting.

I consider myself a college bball fan, but i will still only watch a handful games of my own team and maybe 3 big regular season games. And even with those im probably half-watching while doing something else.
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Well put my friend. I hope 2k producers are putting a game together right now. Maybe we return to glory next year.
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Whats confusing is why the NCAA cant scale back its demands for the profit margin in comparison to NCAA Football... sport games are a great way to market your sport especially to youth who are watching and playing less and less sports(and playing more video games)
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I miss my 2k basketball. But what I am DYING for is a legit lacrosse game. Yeah, there's a lacrosse indie game, but it doesn't hold my attention. When one does come out, that's where all of my sports gaming time will go. Until one does actually come out, however (probably not for another 30 years), I can only hope.

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It's sad that we won't be getting our hands on a college hoops game any time soon. It would have been great to have 2K revive the series.
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