Out of Bounds: The Sad College Basketball Void

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D* B**rs!
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Do what I did and contact these jackasses and tell them to stop being greedy SOBs and let BOTH companies make a product without fear of them trying to price gouge either one of them:


Quick refresher: the top rated and top selling version got used as a bargaining chip to make the company of the other title up the licensing fee to some ridiculous amount. Company 1 didn't play along (ala NFL) and Company 2 said "our game doesn't sell enough for what you're trying to charge us. F* off!". I applaud both companies.
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Is there any chance 2K could use the exact same gameplay engine from their current NBA game and hire a smaller development team to just create the college uniforms and arenas? It seems like that would save on development costs for 2K. Perhaps enough to make College Hoops fiscally viable for 2K? I really don't care if the game is exactly the same on the floor as NBA 2K, I just want my college basketball back.

I love College Hoops 2K8, but as NBA 2K progresses every year, I get used to the new additions made to those games and it makes it harder to go back to a game that is missing those gameplay enhancements.
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EA Sports Basketball SUX. EA should have never bought the rights to NCAA or ESPN. It takes away from the consumer. Imagine if ESPN went BACK to 2ksports and Imagine if College Hoop came back out. EA sports had there time with NBA LIVE SERIES, now its time to move over. Because at the end of the day if you dont have choices the only people that suffer is the consumer.
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somehow there's no point in producing every year a game such as College Basketball. few improvements could be just d/l for a fee. i still play my College Hoops 2K7.

why not have both 2K and EA produce NBA and then have college sports included in the game? of course that will somehow balloon the price somewhat, but instead of paying $59 x 2 for same genre (basketball) you can pay say...$80 for both =)
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Perfect Article!!!! Great read!!!!!!!!
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Yeah EA ruined college basketball video games IMO but oh well I just hope somebody makes another college hoops game soon.
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2K PLEASE PICK UP THIS LICENSE. Atleast give us another good college basketball games, bc lord knows college football games aint coming though.
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Old 09-22-2010, 01:42 AM   #40
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Yeah, it's really sad to not have a college hoops game year after year. EA's attempts after 2K got nudged out by them was embarassing. I can't fathom what College Hoops 2K11 would be like considering how far ahead of its time 2K8 was.

College basketball is by far my favorite sports game to play and I wish 2K would re-consider and bring back their amazing title. I'd even just be happy with some minor gameplay tweaks, updated rosters/conferences, and some other minor features. The game really didn't need a whole lot.
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