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Well said and thank you for this article. The games won't be perfect, but I'm sure the developers are doing what they can to make a good product. Just take the time to thank them for their efforts and give constructive feedback on changes you would like to see. They will listen if you present a good attitude. If you are not having fun with the game, trade or sell it and move on.
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THANK YOU for saying this... I get sick of coming to these forums loving a game and people just complain about every little thing... or "oh this isnt sim" guess what! its a video game, if it was sim you wouldnt be good enough to play just like you arent good enough to play in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, PGA, NHL or FIFA. I mean yes to some extent games need to play like the real sport but some of the things people complain about is just ridiculous. And if you say that you get flamed... SO thank you chris for writing this. I feel the same way
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Good article.

Yes, I add things to wishlist. Yes, I wanna see every game improve. But you won't find me saying any game sucks or is garbage. If I hate it that much...I don't buy it.

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The last time I tried to take this route when talking about all of the whining geared at sports games people told me I had no business being here at OS.

I'm glad there are some of you out there that feel the same way.
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If you don't like it, don't buy it.. If you bought it and don't like it, trade it.. I never remember playing Double Dribble and being worried about jerserys and court colors, but it was flat out fun.

**News Flash** there will always be something wrong with video games. These are people trying to program a computer to act as real humans, doing things 99% of humans can't do on this level. There's some things I don't like, but I hate to see the guys who say the shoes or jersery are off so the game isn't fun.
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Sic 'em Bears!
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Since EA left us NCAA Basketball players out to dry, with no roster update and no game available, I just don't see it your way. It sure isn't any way to treat a loyal consumer. It flat out sucks, and it's garbage. The recent restructuring at EA? I see it as a blessing. Maybe they'll pull their head out of their...

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this has been a great year for sports games. NCAA Football 11 didn't keep me playing like i thought it would but it still was a good game. Its just that i enjoyed The Show, Fifa & NBA 2k11 so much that NCAA Football isnt at that level yet so i find myself playing the other games more.
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Originally Posted by Dustin Toms
Consumers are picky; they think they are right all the time, but they never sit back and enjoy what is given to them.
Let's not get it twisted here - nothing is being "given" to us. We are, by definition, "consumers" because we PAY for their goods. When game developers start "giving" games away then I'm sure you'll hear a lot less criticism and much more "appreciation".

Also, EA isn't releasing the "free" roster update out of the good of their heart - it's an attempt to hold on to their consumer base because their competition released a superior product. Not my problem.
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