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Great article. I love NBA 2K11, therefore I refuse to go to that part of the forums to see what is wrong with it.
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As someone already stated, constructive criticism is fine and should be expressed so the developers have an idea of what the costumers want. However, I do agree, the nit picking that goes on is often over board. If we saw the level of realism that some seem to expect out of these sports games, alot of fans would become even more frustrated with the games because they are too difficult. I personally couldn't imagine trying to play NHL 11 if it was uber realistic, it's hard enough as it is for me. Sports games use to be all about fun back in the Nintendo and Genesis days. Why does it have to be so different now that technology has changed?
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one of the best articles i've read in a long time. I've had it with the disenfranchised consumer schtick and it's something I constantly preach. Play the game and enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by wEEman33
Football fans.
Bull****, lol! Madden and NCAA are awesome this year period.
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Man, I love sports fans...videogame sports fans! What does a sports fan do when their team isn't performing like they expect them too, they get upset! I think fans should get upset when a game company claims a game is a sim/realistic representation of their sport.

Keep the pressure on, real sports fans out weigh the casual arcade garbage.

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Originally Posted by dr logic
Well put.

Personally, I liken all the complaining and ridiculous expectations to two things.

1. Your not very good at the game you loath so much.
2. Your comparing a video game to real life.

One or both of these 2 factors is always at the root of incoherent criticisms of above average sports games, ALWAYS.

And to think, I'll probably log well over 100 hours playing NBA 2K11 this year.......for $60.

Meanwhile, I'd have to go to the movie theater 50 times and drop well over $500 to get those same hours of entertainment value elsewhere, or how about I spend $20 for 2 hours of fun at an arcade (and thats if I stretch it.)
Your name represents you well. Co sign this one all day. I'm going to lean more towards #1. I've been around many dudes like that. They get to losing, then all of a sudden "this game is garbage", "how can he do that", etc, etc.

I was watching the Raiders vs Chiefs today and suprisingly Madden looked damn near the same as what I was watching minus the "consecutive hit tackles" and more dynamic presentation. Other than that, **** was spot on actually.
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I'm sorry but 2k11 is no where near a great simulation.

Hopefully after they patch the game it will be but right now it just isn't.

You would only make that statement if you haven't been to the 2k boards or seen the videos.

I posted a 4 part video series that addresses some of these issues.

I've played every 2k ever released and this is one of their worst releases.

2k9 was never fixed by patches. Yet if you would have read the reviews you would have thought the game was the best ever made.

I dare anyone to show me the bumping "force field" or 2-3 second long slow animations in an NBA game.

It doesn't happen. The game is so slow it feels like playing basketball in molasses.

Basketball has the greatest athletes on the planet. It's a game based on athleticism and quick reactions. You wouldn't know it playing 2k11.

It plays like a soccer game should. Patience is a virtue.

No matter how great the fan boys think the game is it isn't.

Those of us who have played basketball at a high level and know the power of being able to get to any spot you want on the floor knows this facet of the game is missing from 2k.

It's been missing since 2k8. Moving around certain stick moves didn't help. The hesitation move has been on the right trigger since the game was created. No reason to change it but by doing so they ruined the dribble stick setting.

You used to be able to hold down the left trigger and turn you dribble stick into a sot stick.

So not only have they ruined the dribble system they now have ruined one of their own creations.

If it wasn't for users complaining 2k wouldn't have the following it has.

That's how games get better. If your happy with this slop they will make it even worse next year.

Instead of complaining about the complainers you should actually be thanking them.

I would rather pay $180 for a 2k8 roster update the last three years and online access than pay $180 for the last three NBA2k's. 2k9 was just terrible. I didn't waste my time. 2k11 is right there. I'm waiting for the patch
to see if the game is worth my time. Right now it's collecting dust.

I went out and brought a PS3 for 2k10. Just for 2k10. It played a better game of basketball than the 360 and wasn't a layup line.

Their are plenty of people who thought 2k10 was a simulation. Until you realize no one in the NBA scores 50% of their points in the paint.. On 2k10 you could score 80-90% of your points in the paint and be competitive. That's not the NBA but everyone swears it was a great simulation on the 360.
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you are a good example of the type of people he is talking about in this article.
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