Pucking Ridiculous (The OBG Chronicles): Realism, Really?

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Pucking Ridiculous (The OBG Chronicles): Realism, Really?

Thank you once again for reading another edition of Pucking Ridiculous (The OBG Chronicles). It has been a while since my last article, but this time around I want to broach the subject of realism in hockey and sports games in general.

Is It Possible, and do we understand the side effects of the demand for more realism?

In this edition of Pucking Ridiculous, we will address both topics.

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Moving forward I agree that games should focus on that "perfect" balance b/w fun gameplay (that stays true to that sport) and realism. i.e., NBA 2K11, NHL 11.

IMO, the way to inject more realism into games is to continue to iron out glitches & A.I. and SIGNATURE ANIMATIONS. Developers need to keep making players feel/play different to the user and playing like their real life counterparts.
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I'm all about authenticity. Maybe it's not the same thing as "good gameplay" or "realism," but if something is being regarded as a representation of something that we are fully aware of, I love to have that authenticity feel. It was a huge reason I never looked further into The Bourne Conspiracy as Matt Damon's Bourne character wasn't portrayed in it.
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Ever since I've started playing video games, I have hoped for more realism. With each passing year, it becomes exciting to see how "real" the games are getting. I wonder, though, if people will reach a point where they no longer want realism. At a point, video games will "simulate realism" -- such as psychology, chance, weather cancellations, etc. -- but those could interfere with the gaming (just as it interferes in real life). In theory, I think that I would still like those developments, but it is difficult to say. If you push a button at the right moment, it will be difficult to accept an outcome that is "by chance" different than what you actually did -- so in effect, the gaming result is different than the reality of your reality!
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its about time someone said it, its all about balance the things that really need to be authentic are the presentation of games. If you can capture the feel of the atmosphere it does wonders, however over the years ive noticed im not the purist i thought i was towards gameplay. I can respect Higher difficulties being more authentic and true to life, but overall Im thinking it shouldnt be all over the game. Case in point NBA 2k11, a great game, but guess what Its not my favourite sport and I dont know the ins and outs of how to play efficently, im an outsider, and while I enjoy watching NBA games im far from a good BBaller, so when I get my butt handed to me on pro (2of4) difficulty with an all star fantasy team or never complete hardly any tasks on my player mode, it ruins what could have been a great experience. Keep it hardcore for most but spread the playing field a bit. Needless to say 2k11 is getting traded in for something I know will be alot more fun, NBA JAM.
People will like to take their shots on this post, like get better etc... thats not the point, there can always be optional arcade ish value to a game just to broaden the auidience thats all. perhaps were looking into the future of sports gaming, two games in one disc where at the start it will ask u if u want authentic_______ (sport there) Balanced_______ or Arcade________ tell me thats not thinking ahead
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Damn the jinx!
I didn't expect the Blues run to last forever.
Although it was nice seeing the blues message boards with a few threads calling for "must trades!" after the first big loss.
I want realism in gameplay, and the way things work in game.
I don't want 20 minute periods, but i would like to have shots that should go in, go in every now and again.
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great article and well said. been a gamer since NES days. i love sports games in particular hockey and basketball. in what u mentioned about realism thats what im looking for in the sport games. from stats, gameplay etc all must be similar or close to the real ones.

im still waiting for your sliders OBG with the new patch and tuner =)
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For me the realism I search for isn't in playing full length games, but for the players and the reactions to represent the real sport. I want the players to play like real players on the ice or on the field. In hockey I would love to see more stick play to help add the next bit of realism. In football I would love to see the hand play and interaction between WRs and DBs. Just a couple of things that would add to the realism without taking away from the fun of the game IMO.
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