The Legacy of the Power Glove and Why Motion Controls Are the Future

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Old 11-18-2010, 08:04 AM   #9
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If I want to be active playing a simulation based sports video game I might as well go play some real basketball or football. I like that I can sit back and play at my leisure and Im sure many feel the same.
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i still want the original NES power glove. still looks badass 21 years later. but if the day ever comes where the only way for me to play video games is through motion, then that's when i will retire from playing games. i prefer using a controller, always will.
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Re: The Legacy of the Power Glove and Why Motion Controls Are the Future

Originally Posted by Nunyerbiz
I don't see motion controls replacing conventional controllers... at least not in my life time... and I'm 36 years old. Will motion control compliment and co-exist with conventional controllers? Sure, they already do and they have their niche. The future with gaming, in regards to revenue for the gaming companies, is in selling advertising and downloadable content. The value of both of those are directly proportional to keeping eyes glued to screens... keeping eyes glued to screens isn't as easy to do when your audience is physically tired after a 30 minute motion control session... Sitting on your fat behind with a controller and only using your thumbs? Hell, you can do that for hours and hours and hours on end... So yea... the demise of the conventional controller is not in the cards.
We'll probably be playing virtual reality photorealistic simulators by the time our lifetimes are over.

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Old 11-19-2010, 02:41 PM   #12
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pass on this. i love ea sports active because i live where it snows so i can still work out and stay fit. not sure if i want to simulate being a sports athlete when i have an hour or so to burn. the current tech does not do it and it's going to tke some serious innovation to make it work. motion controls have their place but tey won't take over gaming.
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The funniest thing I saw @ wally world was the rod &reel motion sensor. I was thinking I hope I never get so lazy resorting to that - seeing as I live on a lake lol. AS mentioned before, I like being lazy with my controller. If I want to be active, its not going to be in front of TV. I think its cool but the novelty wears off.
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I don't want a work-out when I play my games. Pass.
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Old 11-20-2010, 10:29 AM   #15
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I have been talking about motion control technology being the future of gaming for some time now. The hard cold fact of the matter is that we as gamers constantly push for better, more thrilling experiences and this in turn has lead to gaming developers producing more immersive games. The downside to all this is that the humble gaming controller with its two sticks and eight or so buttons just doesn't cut it anymore and so we're constantly having to twirl sticks and press a combination of buttons simultaneously in order to have our onscreen character perform some of the most basic functions. This is far from ideal and those occupying the top positions within the gaming leaderboards aren't the most skilled, they are simply the best at contorting their hands, fingers and those with best able to memorise which combination of button presses and stick twirls is required at any specific point in time.

Interestingly on EA's Fight Night forums where people claim to want "more realism" ad nauseum, as soon as you mention motion control technology where players would have to actually stretch an arm outwards to throw a punch you are met with wails of no, no NO!!!

So why such opposition...? Is it because as gamers we fit the stereotypical profile of being couch potatoes who are overweight and try our utmost to avoid daylight at any cost? Perhaps we're the kids who were bullied at school and the virtual world of online gaming gives us the opportunity to get back at the likes of those who used to bully us? Whatever the reason, in real life, those who triumph at sports tend to be those with the best skills, the fastest reflexes and the highest levels of fitness . Maybe, just maybe this new technology provides a level of realism that is just a little "too" real for us.

I'm all for motion control tech by the way ;-)
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I'm glad that I'm at the end of my gaming days if this is what we will have to learn to like. There isn't a worse idea for sim sport gamers than motion controls. If and when that day comes I will put
down the games.
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