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Sports Game of the Decade: Most Innovative Feature

Gold: Online Play

Sports gaming started becoming stale a few years back. It was becoming monotonous to the point where it wasn't even fun anymore. With franchise modes as deep as a game of tic-tac-toe, the single player sports gaming community was a dying breed. Then online happened. XBOX Live and Playstation Network have helped not only sports games, but video games across the globe. Not only has online helped with the gaming experience, but it has allowed friends and family to be able to play a game of Madden while being 4,000 miles apart. It is more than a game mode, it's a source of communication in today's society.

Silver: Online Dynasties

Though one of the newer features to be seen in any game, online Dynasties have quickly become a sports gamer's preferred mode of play. Finding a core group of players to organize and plan a league through the internet is nothing short of a great feeling. Of course the success of the league will be based off of how dependable the players are to make their game time, but regardless, the fact of being able to set this up has people excited and looking forward to future dynasties with many more features.

Readers Choice: Career/Superstar Modes

This was a strange race, with a lot of features getting a lot of votes from the readers. The Career/Superstar Modes were the favorite, but only slightly with 17% of the total vote. 2K Share received 13% of the vote while Online Play and 'Live' updates each received the exact same amount of votes at 12%.

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Going with "Online Play" seems like a catch-all cop-out to me. Console sports games have had simple online play since 2001 (NFL 2K1, EA later brought online play onto consoles into Madden 2003), and nearly every sports game since has had an online component; it's an expectation at this point. Why not point out something specific, like online team play in NHL / FIFA? Ultimate Team in any of EA Sports' games? Road to The Show (MLB series)? My Player (NBA 2K)?

Perhaps I'm taking the feature for granted, but that's my opinion. Online in-and-of itself isn't an innovation to me, what a company might do with that resource is innovative. I am glad you specifically called out EA's excellent Online Dynasty feature in NCAA Football 11, however; that's an example of what I'd call innovative.
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i agree with you krioniq but i guess just the innovation of being able to play online in the 1st place is enough for them. I'm not an online person. When i first got Madden on next gen i played maybe 5 online games and then never played online again until a couple years ago a player i coached in football wanted to play me in NCAA so we'd play every now & then. But other than COD, i dont even touch online.

I think Online dynasty is prob the biggest innovation though because it allows those that do enjoy playing online, to still be able to play a season type mode with other online players instead of just single games.

But like you said online is so vague that of course it would win. With online you include things like online dynastys, roster sharing and everything else that goes along with it. But i got a little chuckle that online and superstar modes are both 2 things i never even use (other than getting rosters).
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