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1. Xbox 360
2. Sega
3. Super Nintendo
4. all I care about
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Re: Top 10 Sports Gaming Controllers of All Time

Originally Posted by GaryT531
i hated the n64 controller. HATED IT. it just didn't work for me. the placement of the buttons were strange and i never got used to it. i would actually prefer the original controller from the original XBOX to the N64 controller.
Yep, same here. I logged tons of hours playing Madden 2000 on N64, but the controller always irked me. That tiny freaking analog stick seems so crappy when you look at analog control now, and became obsolete when Sony came w/ Dual Shock controls.

I'd have to say the PS2 would be my #1, with 360 at #2. Even though now I can't even use PS2/PS3 controller, I've become so accustomed to the 360.

Never really was a big fan of the Dreamcast controller either.
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xbox 360 controller

hands down
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Xbox 360 Hands Down the Best System,and best everything PS3 is a Joke. No Party chat and pretty boring if you ask me. xbox is the real winner here.
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The 360 controller the clear winner.

Wouldīve bought a PS3 a long time ago as a 2nd console to play EASHL with, but the PS3 controller is horrible compared to 360, and my friends keep breaking one a month just playing NHL11, canīt afford that
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I loved the N64 controller. That would've been my #1.

The worst was the Dreamcast controller - my hands and wrists were always sore after using it.
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Originally Posted by Mos1ted
I personally couldn't stand the N64 controller, and I'm glad the Gamecube controller is no where on this list. To me, those two were by far the worst controllers ever made for ANY genre of video gaming LOL. My personal favorites are the Dual Shock and Xbox 360 controllers. The 6 button Genesis controller was the one I preferred over the standard controller.
lol agreed. The funny thing with every N64 game i bought was before I even popped the cartridge in I had ti figure out how I needed to hold the controller first. I think it was a good controller for shooters though, I think thats why Golden Eye did so well & helped boost FPS on consoles.

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I have to go with the PS2/PS3 controller as being the best for sports gaming. I think the Dreamcast would be second but because of it's awkward size it would fall 3rd on my list, so the 360 moves to a close second.

Personally I like the way ps2/ps3 controllers place there analog sticks since now and days sports games are built off analog movement that d-pad it just feels like they are in a better place for your hands, and I like the shoulder buttons over the 360s bump buttons. I think the 360 has the best controller when it comes down to FPS games though but not for sports titles just my own opinion
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