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Old 12-17-2010, 04:14 PM   #9
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I hope you're right about NBA 2K12 crandolph
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I would say that the two areas that will impact 2011 will be about any football titles.
With what 2k did with their NBA title, I think everyone wants to see what a Pro or College Football title would look/play like.

With gamers wanting something different from EA's football games, even a fully customizable generalized football game (not All-Pro) would do well as long as the innovation that they brought to their basketball title, would also be applied.

I would like them to produce a College Football game vs a Pro version. Pro football is limited to 32 teams, so at some point it will get old. Where as, a college game can have so many teams, each with a different personality to play with. With how deep they tend to go with their games, the customization they allow gamers to have would go further for a college game. Things the community has been asking for for years from 2k's major competitor, yet to be delivered, would be the foundation that sells their title.

For Basketball, I would caution not to downplay a College Basketball game's ability to succeed based off of what EA's version has done. Again, because a somewhat complete product has not been put into gamers hands to say college basketball would not sell. If they tweaked a couple of things in NBA 2k11 to fit the college game and put a college basketball jersey over it, there are few I think that would not buy it.

2011 is the "Line in the Sand" year for EA games. People are fed up with the lack of innovation in their games and the "In the Future" responses.

Another area that will challenge sports games for profits in 2011, will be the "First Person" Shooters. The market for these games are growing rapidly. I would conclude that gamers spend more time playing these games online than probably all the sports games combined. Because of this, Online Sports Gaming is fighting an uphill battle.

I Just Want Some 2k College Football.
Show other developer's how to do things the right way around here!!!
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I think the biggest story will be the arrival of EA Football. Madden or NCAA will finally hit it's stride and catch up to other top titles in the sports video game genre. NCAA was very close this year, and if I had to say one or the other I would say NCAA.

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Originally Posted by Armor & Sword
I have a few thoughts about the upcoming year.

1) Madden 2012 will be the return of the offline franchise mode.

2) Top Spin 4 will be an amazing title and be the tennis games by which all others are judged

3) The Show 2011 will give NBA2K11 a run for it's money. I am too on the bandwagon that NBA2K11 is the GOAT in console sports games arena and for the recrod Baseball is my favorite sport.

4) Fight Night Champions is a huge success. And the Contender mode is huge suprise.
i'll second those 4,
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If they bring back College Hoops in 2011 I may just make a mess in my pants
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Old 12-17-2010, 11:36 PM   #14
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College Hoops 2K12 would be amazing. Especially if the have a similar teambuilder like ncaa football 11.
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my predictions

2k wont get any part of the NFL license... and dissappoint us all who want to see what the 2k team could bring with the NFL.

MLB the Show 11 will be amazing... setting the bar for MVP being re-announced from EA, who will put out a good product for 2012 BUT The show will be better.

NBA Elite never gets released. NBA 2k12 expands on 2k11 making it better and forcing EA's hand to just give up on NBA games.

Tiger 12 will be gimmicky with craptastic post shot spin controls and we never get a sim golf game with real courses and the full pga tour roster.

Madden 12 will suck as much as madden 11 does but with a kick *** franchise mode... NCAA Football 12 will be sports game of the year showing that EA can make a good football game
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Old 12-18-2010, 12:30 AM   #16
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2K makes another Football game!!! fingers crossed
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