Analyst: Take Two 'Would Accept' Activision Takeover Bid

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Old 02-14-2011, 05:53 PM   #9
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Seems likely Take 2 would stick where they are. RDR and GTA have brought them back into the fold along with some needed cuts. The quality and innovation in their sports games outshines EA greatly in basketball and football. If they are able to aquire the license to the NFL that would REALLY put a damper on EA.
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@ first I was disagreeing with this for take two, but now just go ahead and sell to activision, they will compete with EA with the Finacial Backing. ANd if they get college Football and Basketball.. they will have alot of fight left. But going as is.. don't know how long they can hold out without a football game.(take Two)
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Why hasn't a first party company (Sony) taken a step towards acquiring Take2 and merging it with the SCEA sports division? It's not like Sony doesn't have the money, and it would be HUGE to have take2's resources to create exclusive sports games. Imagine if Sony introduced an exclusive line up of The Show, NHL 2K, NBA 2K, NCAA 2K, and the exclusives of FPS and other action games Take2 has potential for? Sony would see a drastic increase in loyal customers and a significant increase in new customers who would come from other companies (microsoft/nintendo).

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To see a new NFL game exclusive like the show ???

No thank you...
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I don't know what to think @ this point.. Maybe sombody needs to take over, because TT moves @ a snails pace when it comes to getting things done.
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Re: Analyst: Take Two 'Would Accept' Activision Takeover Bid

better them than EA....
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Re: Analyst: Take Two 'Would Accept' Activision Takeover Bid

Bizarre Creations Closing Shop

Bizarre was purchased by Activision not too long ago and now they are closing shop. Activision is what EA was not too long ago. They are on top with a solid game that keeps the money rolling in so they are heartless when it comes to patience and cultivating. In all honesty with the way they have been shutting down studios for useless reasons, I'd want them to stand clear of anything T2 or Rockstar. I honestly wouldn't mind having EA scoop up T2 because we all know they would be shoving that ELITE title down the chute. On another note, it would be awful for Sony to pick up T2 because the sports titles would shrink. Plus 2K makes more multiplatform as opposed as exclusively which is a big reason why Bungie jumped off the M$ bandwagon.

I say T2 needs to continue to build great new IP. I think they also need to dabble more in DLC to bring in more money with the IP they have already. Honestly, they seem to be in a great position in my opinion. Stock market is not a litmus for how good a company is in terms of quality. They can get the sales without a doubt. Just need to keep working hard on their weak points. I honestly like the thought of them being acquired by Disney if that's an option. Highly unlikely, but that's hoping.......

On a side note about EA: They are starting to honestly open up their doors to creativity. I give them credit for that. We'll see how well the Ex-Infinity guys do with their new IP and how well Bioware is a few years down the line. EA is posed to make a big jump.
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Old 02-19-2011, 03:02 PM   #16
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I have not taken the time to research this, but which company has more value? EA or Activision?

Just from what Activision has done with the COD series alone. I know they have tons of money, and maybe this is one of the reasons that the NFL gave EA just a 1 year extension.

Activision may be able to out bid EA for the NFL license. This can be very interesting.

My only thing is I hope the NFL gets smart and charges both of the companies for the license. Lets say its 500 million. Charge then both 275 a piece.

Now we have competition for the better NFL title, and the NFL made a extra 50 million for charging two companies to use the license.

Everyone wins, especially us by having a choice again, and being able to purchase both titles if we like

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