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I for one really like playing career modes in sports games. The first one that was actually decent to me was madden's nfl superstar mode in the 06-09 period. However, now that madden has almost stripped that mode down to nothing, the closest career mode to real life is nba 2k's of course. they did a really good job in creating an immersive experience that did not get boring after a couple of hours. However, i think they need to add a few more elements, straighten up the teamate ai so they make better decisions, and they will have an even more realistic mode
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I agree with the article. The fact is, these modes are typically too dry and devoid of content to make them worth replaying. A lot more depth is needed and in general, less repetition. Certainly there are routines as an athlete, but since this is all you can focus on in Be a Player modes, you can't distract yourself from the grind with any sort of perhaps more "fun" side projects. I've have gone into depth particularly with an NCAA Football RPG of sorts, and even as a stand alone game, it could really be a ton of fun.

These modes just aren't completely immersive and true to the experience. They let you experience what its like to be a professional or collegiate athlete only to a brief extent, and it is a short leash. With more depth, realism, and activities, these modes can add great variety to an existing game or even exist on their own as an innovative title. No one has tried it yet, and I'm somewhat surprised.
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Great article. I've always had the same issues. The concept is awesome but there are little things holding it back from being completely immersing.
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Really enjoyed this article. Thanks for taking the time to think of something new to say.
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Re: Why I Don't Play 'Be a Player' Modes

Pro Evolution Soccer has the best "Be a Player" mode. Love it.
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Re: Why I Don't Play 'Be a Player' Modes

I like the way it works in Madden and NCAA. I haven't tried it in MLB 2k or The Show yet. I used to play it in the NHL games, but it just doesn't feel realistic enough for me. The stats always seem off, and I'm on the ice too much for a third line rookie scrub. It'd be nice if the be-a-pro in NHL was similar to Madden's in that you would take a 30-45 second shift, go back to the bench, and then press Y to skip ahead until you have your next shift. This would allow the game to sim properly so the best players on my team are actually scoring. And perhaps they could allow us to watch the game from the bench too if we want to.

Of course, the good thing about NHL's be-a-pro is the online aspect of it. EASHL is lots of fun if you join a team.
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Re: Why I Don't Play 'Be a Player' Modes

When I was young I used to create myself and put myself on my favorite teams (this was in the days before any sort of be a player mode). As I got older, that idea lost its appeal and I wanted to play with my team as they were in real life. The last time I ever created myself was for the NCAA football series when I was still in college. I would create my Allegheny Gators and create myself as their star QB. Actually, sometimes I would create myself in race for the heisman and just mess around until named rosters came out. I play sports games to, well, play the games. I don't need to live vicariously thorugh some game.


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Re: Why I Don't Play 'Be a Player' Modes

Something like the sims would be really fun, anything to make it less repetitive
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