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Halo lan parties

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Re: DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

I was the same way until I played NBA 2k6 online leagues - ever since then I have not been able to play most offline games the same way. The only pure single player game I was truly excited about and pre-order since then: Arkham Asylum. Every other $60 game I've bought has had some type of multiplayer aspect to it.

Reasons why:

The Computer is the Biggest Cheeser of All

Every game I've ever played up until maybe NBA 2k11, when you play games on the hardest difficulty - the AI doesn't become more sofisticated, more intelligent, better tactically - no they just get magical abilities. As opposed to human cheesers who spin move to the hole too much, the computer will just decide it's own shot is going to go in regardless of the context. Rajan Rondo - rated 59 mid range jumper shoots jumpers over Roy Hibbert to hit game winners. If there is there is any offender of cheesing, the worst one is the AI - the "guy" who enforces the rules and also the one you're playing against. Can you imagine someone one on one, your opponent is also the ref? Yeah that's a really fair game. At least with a human, the AI acts as a mediator and you know that if you make or miss a shot it's more from your/their own doing rather than the difficulty level making the opposing team perform magic tricks and violate laws of physics.

The AI Always Gets Old and Doesn't Adapt

No matter how "improved" they say the AI gets every year, there's always a certain point where once you've played the AI enough - you have outsmarted them...you know what they are going to do next, you know their reaction to your action. It is inevitable - the game can't rewrite it's own code, it's by design to be predictable. Humans evolve and adapt, this alone gives pvp gaming 100,000x more satisfaction when you win.

Online Gaming requires Common Sense like any other part of the Internet

Do you click on the Osama Bin Laden is dead link that your friend posted on your facebook wall? Do you click on the pop up ads that ask for your bank account #? Hopefully those answers are no. Because you have common sense. Well that applies to online gaming as well. Just like there are other people in your chat room online ready to send you spam, there are people in your game lobby ready to pump fake the whole game until you jump at them. Admittedly the online gaming world needs a lot better "spam filters" but right now you have to decide on which links to click and not just click on whatever shows up on your screen. Just like your e-mail, facebook, or visited web pages.

I am part of a league of guys who've some of which have played for over 10 years from PC to console. I haven't been with them that long, but they have the same comradery as the guys you would invite over to play with in the same room. The beautiful thing is these guys are all across the country. Leagues like this are far and few in between but that is because a lot of guys like this author may not have the time or patience to deal with all the noise and BS that comes with online gaming...(ironically the people like the OP are the ones that are in dire need online) but be patient for that % of people that play online will keep rising, and at some point in the future - you may not even have a choice in the matter.
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Re: DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

I don't have any friends that play videogames anymore. I'm 32 and they all outgrew it. So I'm cool playing randoms online because it's fun. COD and NHL are my 2 online games. Used to play alot of Madden ps2 online too.

I just look at my opponents online as new AI. Nothing more.
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I'm a believer in the concept of online play but the execution kills it. In football games, if you don't know all you audibles or know what beats what in every formation chances are the other guy does and you lose big. In hoops games there's always an exploit or lag ruins the game. In baseball games lag flat out kills the experience and it's unplayable. That doesn't even take into account that online sports titles are always watered down versions of the offline play. 99.9% of my online play is shooters or racers. Me and my buddies give the online play a shot every time a new sports game comes out and we always conclude, for various reasons, after about an hour of fiddling around with it that it's not worth our time.

Oh and I turn 40 in June so in gaming years that officially makes me a geezer...but I prefer the turn "blue hair"
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To me, playing online can be occasionally fun, but NOTHING can substitute playing a sports or fighting game in a room full of guys talking smack. That's a true multiplayer experience.
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This article does have a good point of view, and myself being a gamer for 31 years agree with most of it. I began playing with my brothers all of my sports games and when my friends jumped in we developed "leauges" for every game we played. As gaming evolved (after I married and moved out) I found myself playing more solo, because I lived in a different state. Then xbox came around and made multiplayer fun again with the linking of systems....man I had some great party games with that sytem. Then xbox live....what can I say....I met great friends like XROCK and SnakeMWS thru this new online method of gaming and am able to play online with my family and friends again. And while I agree that being under the same roof playing is top notch entertainment.....I can't knock off online gaming...because although from a distance....it has brought my gaming experience to a full circle.
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Originally Posted by Dazraz
I have never been attracted to the online game phenomenon. Give me a few guys with a few beers under the same roof anyday. That's multiplaying for me.
I once was a playtester (shooters, platform, action/adventure games) and was asked to test the multiplayer part of an upcoming game. Before the actual test you get asked a bunch of questions about your gaming preferences and the devs looked funny at me when I said that I hardly ever play online (occasionally against my brother) and considered multiplayer as two or more people under the same roof. When asked why I didn't play online I gave pretty much the same scenarios as the OP describes.

And just as the OP I'm rarely online on my console unless I need to download updates or an occasional demo.
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Great article. I agree 100%. I rarely ever use online modes unless it is to update rosters. I have tried in the past to play with random people on line but it isnt the same as playing against someone you know right there in the room. I remember playing Tecmo SuperBowl in HS for $20 a game every Friday Night. It always feels more satisfying beating soemone you know and in person
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