DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

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Online gaming is not that bad if you have friends that have online and the same game it's still Fun to play cause if ur like me I only play certain games with friends and it's still just has fun. But I usually play offline cause of cheesers and they ruin the game but it is satisfying to beat them. Like the article though.
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Finally, somebody said it. Every point Kelvin made was spot-on. Online gaming will always be there but it's not really for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks playing friends online is kind of awkward. And playing strangers? Doesn't really inspire me. I'll play the occasional game online but I will stick to offline more often than not.
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Re: DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

This article is me 100%. I really dont like playing games online. My PS3 is always connected to the internet but I hardly ever play online. My PS3 is for me to be able to relax and run off into some fantasy world. Get away from life and stress.
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Re: DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

I am usually one to stick to offline gaming as well. I do have some friends online (who I actually do know) that i do leave my offline world in order to surf the interwebs with. but I have found that playing online thus far has had a higher chance for me to have an awful gaming experience because of wankers than of me getting lucky and finding a compatible opponent.
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Re: DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

I know this is kind of thread necromancy, but I think I'm starting to lose my patience with sports gaming. I wish I wouldn't, but I just think the older I'm getting, the less patient I am. Playing pretend in a sports game oughtta be a blast, winning or losing, but recently with the Show, I'm just getting frustrated beyond belief with hitting and nothing seems to be helping.

I just can't even imagine going online if I have difficulty with the so-called lower difficulty levels. I'm jealous of you guys who can play at the highest difficulty level with sliders in the CPU's favor and cream them. I mentioned in one of the threads that I wouldn't be surprised if I swallowed my pride and go online, I'd face off against a player like you guys and lose horribly by the time I record my first out.
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