DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

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DNF: Why This Geezer Plays Offline

Recently OS had a poll about how often our community plays online. The results -- surprising to some -- were that more than half "rarely" do. However, I didnít raise a brow, because Iím one of them.

Hereís why.

I missed out on being in the social-media generation by a few years -- I know there is no official demarcation for this sort of thing, but while people two years younger than I are all plugged in, Iím still trying to figure out if the official term is tweeting or twittering. So I am what you would call a very "old school" offline gamer. Single player, franchise mode and the occasional exhibition game with a visiting friend. My game world is in the very same room I am, and it does not venture anywhere beyond it.

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I have never been attracted to the online game phenomenon. Give me a few guys with a few beers under the same roof anyday. That's multiplaying for me.
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welcome to the 1980s, online play is overrated? yeah ok.
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Agree with this article 100%. If I showed this to my friends with out showing who wrote the article, they would assume I was the author.
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I agree to a point. Because you may not know anyone online doesn't mean people should limit themselves. I have met a lot of awesome gamers online who have the same interests as I do when it comes to gaming -- Competitiveness is a must but gamesmanship is the most important.

I feel those that refrain from the online experience are missing out. I agree that there are a lot of people out there who cheese, quit early or are just zero fun to play against because they can't put together an entire sentence without dropping the F bomb.

I also find online a very convenient way of hooking up with the people I do know well. NCAA 11's online dynasty is a great mode to be shared with friends who don't live in the same city. And with gas prices, why would I want to drive 25 - 30 minutes to a friend's house to play a game that I can enjoy from the comfort of my couch and still drop some verbal assaults?

In short, don't let the small fraction of people who have zero class ruin the entire experience for you. Online is, again, a great way to meet some awesome gamers.
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i agree 100%. This describes me as well. Only game i play online is Call of Duty because its what you buy that game for and i play with a group of friends. Other than that, purely offline for sports games.
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I agree with this in its entirety. I am an offline gamer and a single player gamer unless an old friend drops by. But I have no problem with online gamers either. Without a doubt this is a to each their own category.
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You are definitely not alone.

NCAA Football actually did a poll on Facebook and Offline Dynasty was the winner about 4 to 1 for which game mode you play the most.
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