Madden NFL 12 and NCAA Football 12 Live Q&A (8:15 p.m. EST)

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Old 06-07-2011, 09:27 PM   #9
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When I said I trust Christian above it doesn't mean I don't trust anyone else lol. I just have a longer track record of knowing his opinions and they are fairly close to my thoughts so I tend to value his comments more.
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Originally Posted by rudyjuly2
Nice Q & A. I trust Christian so it's disappointing to hear that Madden 12 made the bigger improvement and that the cpu shotgun running game is still weak.


- No in game saves
- 3D grass looks amazing
- On if Madden gameplay has changed "Yes, yes, yes. Players have momentum and weight to them, and different player types play as they should. MJD plays like the bowling ball he is--Jhavid Best is quick and agile--and receivers like Mike Williams can make some spectacular catches."
- The game and animations sets really elevate the overall on field product.
- on overall impression of NCAA 12 "Extremely polished version of NCAA11. Wasn't blown away, but really liked what I played. "
- super jumping LBs appear to be gone, warping reduced
- animations are improved and impressive
- no demo news
- field degredation, grass stains, etc. very nice
- gameflow in Madden better - can have the cpu select conservative, normal or aggressive plays for you
- Christian (big NCAA fan and didn't like Madden last year) felt Madden 12 is a bigger jump than NCAA 11 from previous versions
- cpu AI was a focus and cpu teams will play more to their style.
- Madden camera angles are impressive
- both games look great and new lighting in NCAA is great
- collision tackling looks good
- return games seems a bit better
- negative NCAA news - still sees cpu shotgun rushing game as being too weak (not a shock to me but still disappointing given the ton of spread running teams in college football)
- Christian thinks Madden plays better but NCAA still good. Said Madden is a huge leap this year.
- both Madden and NCAA use the same momentum engine
- NCAA 12 is a more polished version of NCAA 11. Madden 12 huge leap forward.
ncaa football 12 demo according to several websites will release june 14th or 21st
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3d grass is great and all but wont fix gameplay

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Thanks for answering some questions! I look forward to more QA's in the future.
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Had a feeling NCAA would be what Christian was saying ... I am with you Rudy on valuing his opinion. I have yet to trade-in NCAA 11 and glad I held on because I may just be sticking with it for a few more months. Madden 12 sounds amazing.
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Yep as hyped as I was for NCAA a couple months ago im beginning to lose interest in it after seeing all the improvements made to madden this year. Dynamic player rating camera angles seem to be working great and overall presentation wise It seems like Madden is winning. I haven't given up on NCAA 12 at all though can't wait for more vids and a playable demo.
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