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Old 07-03-2011, 01:16 AM   #73
Nothing to see here folks
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I would have to agree that some form of dynamic player performance. Whether its progression every few weeks or every game. I like to see my guys progress and regress. Makes it much more lifeike and enjoyable. Having a static season gets old too fast, Variables +1 ftw
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Old 07-05-2011, 10:45 PM   #74
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dev's should read these kinds of articles .. lots of good things in here
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I also feel in game saves is a must for sports titles. Especially when you play long minute qtrs or periods.
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Re: OS Roundtable: What Feature Should be in Every Sports Game?

Not sure if this was mention, but save game any time is a must for me. (sorry just read the post above)

Also the ability to invite online users to play you in your franchise. (Like MLB 2K11 and pass NBA 2K games) This allows you to have a much better franchise (2 person franchise/season)

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While I agree most of the previously mentioned features would be a welcome addition to the game, I think that the gameplay needs to be the focus first. I don't know how many times I had a puck or player travel completely through a player model like the player wasn't there, seen a ball get suctioned into a glove or player when it would clearly miss the intended target, and completely unrealistic reactions to a play (I'm looking at Madden and the LBs with a near 7-foot vertical or a corner burned by 5+ yards make up the distance in a step). Once those aspects are fixed, either by devs or a complete slider-style calibration for the user to tweak, then features like presentations should be added. That would even lead into a complete player, team, league, etc custom content for the user.

Also, in-game saves are a necessity. With the length of time some games can take, sometimes it isn't feasible to get a game in without leaving the console running while you are away. I've had it happen where I was in the waning minutes of a football game and I had to step away for an errand only to return and have the power gone out or the game frozen from being on for a while. Some games have an auto-save at checkpoints. It wouldn't seem too hard for a similar auto-save style feature to be implemented after some specified event or events (example: after a score; at the end of quarter, period, half-inning; or in the case of sports where the clock in mostly continuous at a stoppage around a given time). That would be a good bonus to manual in-game saves.
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Originally Posted by DaveDQ
Spectator mode. There was a blip on the screen with EA MMA where you could set up fight cards and watch each fight transpire. They even included Live Broadcast. You have this one time game putting something like that out, meanwhile long standing titles like Madden, NBA 2K don't touch on it.

How great would it be to have a spectator mode for your online franchise/dynasty/league championship game?
I agree! and i also i think they should add a full team up mode in every sports game out there. Sports are very team oriented, and just having team up mode were everybody can be on one team and have the same objective brings a level of realism that the devlopers cant create.Thats because you have all these different personelites envolved,and thats what makes the game feel so much realer
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One thing I really wish was in every sports game would be player's full carreer history. AKA every season they played, with what team, all the stats, when they were drafted and what awards they won.

I love that NBA2k does this and hate that NHL/The Show don't do this at all. It's one little thing that really keeps me interested in my franchises. It might be why I have had two 25 year franchises in NBA2k while struggling to keep myself interested past year 3 or 4 in The Show or NHL.
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I wish all sports games had dynamic weight and height related attributes. A man who is 6'9 300 pounds with 99 speed is not going to move the same way as a guy who is 5'9 175 with 99 speed. Same thing with power and strength. I also feel all sports games should have some sort of city interaction with the surrounding area.
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