EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

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Old 07-26-2011, 02:30 PM   #9
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EA is never going to stop. They have no clue what we want.
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Re: EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

Fine with me. Have other things to do than gaming, so this would be the way out for me for sure.

Hope they fail like Atari in the 80's.
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The downfall is lot of ppl buy lot of games a year, if you have to pay by the month that will stop, will hurt a lot of game makers, Say you pay $20.00 a month for Madden, $20.00 for Ncaa, there $40.00 how can to you play anymore games, cause you know when one company does it they all will. I just don't see how they can do it.....My god'!!!! 8 games at $10.00 a month is freaking $80.00, no they can't

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Why not just create a service like "Steam or Direct 2 Drive" .. Consumers are all ready comfortable with using them.. Seems like a no brainer...
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I'm not interested in this at all. I don't know what the model would be, but I am not a big fan of downloading games. For instance on my XBOX downloaded Sonic full game. Got the new XBOX and now it won't download back properly. I could see this happening with several other games if it was download only. It'd just be another piece of my childhood gone.
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I want to buy/rent the games I want. I don't want to buy/rent all of them with subscription based gaming. It's NOTHING like Netflix and other digital subscriptions. Movies cost $20. There are also way more movies/shows in existence than there are video games, at least ones that I want to or have time to play. There is a need for that kind of service for movies and tv shows because a movie only lasts two hours. Games can last 40+ hours. There is no way an average person can play all of the video games they want to play, fully through to completion. So why would they want to pay for them all in a subscription based model? I see how it works with movies, as you can watch four movies in a day, or an entire season of a tv show. However, it's unlikely you will finish four games in a day.
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I know for some of the console folks, this might seem kinda scarey at first. But fact is, this is a more than half decade old idea that's been going on on PC. There are several PC games that are download only.

That being said, EAS would pretty much need a top to bottom overhaul on how they conduct business with their customer base. The reason why it has and continues to work with smaller titles is because of the constant, direct contact with their customers. You just don't see anything remotely close to that with EAS and this move, if done incorrectly, could kill the S in Electronic Arts.

The other part of the focus area that EAS would have to beef up is development. People aren't going to be paying dollars a month and see little to no development of their game.

IMO, I don't know why the two can't be combined, something akin to WoW. Physical release every couple of years for the big updates, scaling subscription fees for the month-to-month and during the pre, in and post season week-to-week updates.

P.S. cloud gaming sounds like a fun idea but have you seen the bandwidth caps out there for many folks? We're going to need a bit of a revelation from many of our ISP's in order for this to work. Plus after this year's PSN hack fiasco, you really want to be having that much customer info readily available online?
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There is no way I'd ever play $40 dollars a month when the only EA Sports game I buy consistently is NCAA Football.
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