EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

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Re: EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

Originally Posted by DaveDQ
I don't understand the clinging to hard copies of the game. Digital copies remove clutter, are easily accessible and last longer.

My concern is that they will charge extra based on the process's efficiency. I can see EA touting it as innovative, so we have to pay a little extra for it.
A hard copy I can take to the store and trade in to take some $ off the next title I buy. Can't do that with digital.
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Re: EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

They need to make it a better deal than the disc version if it's going to succeed. There has to be some attraction to it, and probably the best way to attract customers at this point is with lower prices. I don't really see it working well any other way.
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Re: EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

Originally Posted by FBeaule04
40$ a month for every EA Sports title? That means an annual cost of 480$. It's not that bad if you already buy around 5-6 EA games a year for 60$ but I hope that you would have options like package (let's say 3 games for 15$ a month which would equal the 60$ retail price of 3 games).

My only fear with that is if you force people into buying games they didn't want at first, what's the point of improving your games overall since they already pay to get them anyway.

I might be living on another planet, but people in general are asking for packages to pay monthly for their game instead of buying a DVD for each game? If that's the case, I'm feeling freaking old right now!
EA hope everyone is as bad at math as you.

This is pretty much non-starter. Even though sony has been able to con many of its users to pay for content they have not released yet in advance, this is probably going to be too much to ask.

I will be one of the thousands that just find other things to play or do with my time. Not out of outrage, but as a practical sense. You have to have a serious track record of constant compelling content to get something like this off the ground. Casual gamers will skip this for sure. Some hardcore gamers will bite, but most of them will see this as a terrible deal.

But really, this isn't going to happen. Oh, EA might sucker some in like sony did with PSN+, but the vast majority are gong to continue buying games one at a time.
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Angry Re: EA Sports VP: Subscription Based Gaming Coming?

This would then drive the competitive market once again for instance. Xbox 360 you have to pay for their online mode for a gold account on a PS3 you don't have to pay anything. I guess there will always be someone who is for the consumer and to pay them enough money instead of like EA sports who wants to make all the money. 2K sports for instance made there football game equal to the madden version arguably. They reduced there price to 20.00 dollars. That forced EA to spend more money to lock up the licensing rights. But on the consumer side it will come a day when our wallets speak for themselves. Video games are not for the Rich only.

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