A Tale of Two Release Days

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Re: A Tale of Two Release Days

Thanks for the compliments, fellas.

Originally Posted by SGMRock
It is not only the complexity of games that have caused this its the internet. Forums, social networking, Instant message programs or texting phones even.

Before you just played the game and had fun with it. You might have seen something that you didn't like but it didn't matter because you couldn't change it anyway and you didn't have a place to complain about it so you just kept on playing.

Now you have outlets for your thoughts like OS forums and lets face it, it's human nature to talk about what you don't like about something. We used to have a saying in the Navy "A bitching sailor is a happy sailor". Thats pretty much how I see the OS forums, it gives us all a place to vent and see what others think. In the past before the internet that wasn't an option. You had your circle of friends maybe but it was a much smaller group than the whole internet.

I agree. Which is why I think it's still a good thing that video games are headed in that direction, on the whole. Because you still have a choice to not do all the... stuff.

I can't speak for everybody else, but I know until two or three years ago, I still saw video games (especially sports games) as a pick up and play, 15/20 minute per session hobby. But slowly I realized that I'm spending a lot more than that each time-- be it playing, editing rosters, talking about the game. So while I appreciate that many games are good enough that I get such time consuming immersion out of them, I just have to remind myself that it requires a lot more dedication on my part. That some unbeknownst to me, the ground sort of shifted right under my feet.

And you're right in the sense that it's not just video games either. Everything else, especially web related, has gotten just as complex (again, not necessarily worse, just different.) I always find it interesting to hear marketing people in media talk about how one platform should feed into another (the tv stuff drives you to the website, etc.) because I often find myself playing a game like MLB The Show, stop, go on OS and read some tips or franchise stories, which piques my interest and I go and turn on my PS3 again to play, and before I know I've spent a lot more time than I thought I would. Some people may call it a lack of self discipline, but I think they're just sneaky that way. And the thing, of course, is that our days still only have 24 hours.
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Re: A Tale of Two Release Days

Great Job ! I appreciate your hard work and imagination to write this.
Such a hilarious bit
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Hilarious and true in so many ways. I'm a part of this trend lol.
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You hit the nail on the head. Great job!
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Nice write up.
Originally Posted by Mo
Just once I'd like to be the one they call a jerk off.
Originally Posted by Mo
You underestimate my laziness
Originally Posted by Mo
**** ya

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This is a great read.
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Seriously? You don't even complete a game on release day?

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It was kinda funny last year I did the darndest thing I just starting opening the games and actually playing them like when I was 12 it has worked out pretty well. Great article.
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