The Rise and Fall of 989 Sports

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Re: The Rise and Fall of 989 Sports

NFL Gameday and NHL Faceoff started off with SO MUCH promise, but fell off so quickly. A crying shame really, because at the time EA was crap.
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Gameday was the joint back in the day. Plus they had the best commercials. I remember they had Packers WR Robert Brooks. Long story short, he was playing the game w/ 989 reps and his virtual self dropped a pass as if he was slowed by his real life knee injury. Of course he took offense to that notion
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Gameday was the first game I bought for my Playstation as well. I actually bought the game before i had a system. The first game me and my cuz was the 49ers and Raiders. The game was great but the only thing I didn't like was the fact that you couldn't bluff your calls. So, he could see what play i was calling and vice versa.

Gamebreaker on the other hand...was innovative for it's time in that they allowed the star of the teams to show out. Truth be told it may have been overdone. I took Darnell Autry of Northwestern in one game and rushed for a thousand yard by just hitting the stiff arm button and running away from people.
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Actually when they changed the name to 989 Studios and Sports is when all the games started to get worse.

when it was RedZone Interactive working on Gameday it was great.

when it was Singletrac working on Twisted Metal it was great.

when it was Sony Europe working on the first NBA Shootouts they were great.

but then it went to 989 Studios, and I think they cut back on alot of things....

from there Gameday 99- 2003 were bad.....NBA Shootout 99- through what ever were bad.....Twisted Metal 3-4 were not as good as 1-2 by Singletrac......heck even Jet Moto fell off after Jet Moto 2.
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I used to play the heck out of the old FaceOff games. Growing up in a family that didn't like hockey at all, it was my first big step into what hockey was. I've loved hockey ever since.
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I remember having NCAA Final Four, I loved that game, I went with my hometown Creighton and won the national title. Rodney Buford was a beast for me. I remember getting Gameday once and not liking it, kept it over at my grandmas and never really played it, I preferred Madden myself
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Those "Thunder/Lightning" hits are still fresh in my mind.

989 had lightning in a bottle... for a minute... Those were the good ol days.

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989 Sports games, what a great altenete! I never personaly liked the games until I was older, But they were still all great games for there time. I stil do have both NFL Gameday and NCAA GameBreaker 2004!
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