Is 2K Sports Fit for Survival?

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Is 2K Sports Fit for Survival?

2K Sports has survived in the shadow of industry leader EA Sports since its origin as a developer of games for the Sega Dreamcast. Over the years, 2K Sports has produced some highly regarded sports games, including its NBA 2K series, NFL 2K5 and College Hoops 2K8. With the exception of the NBA 2K series, the sales figures for 2K Sports have not matched those of EA Sports. Since 2K has discontinued a handful of their titles, and the low sales of NBA 2K12, sports gamers are beginning to wonder how much longer the company's window will stay open.

We’ll take a look at each sport and where 2K Sports stands at the moment and my outlook for the developer based on that analysis.

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I think it will be tough for 2K in the long run as EA will try everything to take bakc the NBA market - and they do have the power to do that you would think. Maybe they should think about making a soccer game to expand their market to europe a little more. I do think theres room for one more game.
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How about a new soccer franchise? Might be tough with FIFA and PES and soccer isn't the most popular sport in the US, but what do they have to lose?
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Re: Is 2K Sports Fit for Survival?

I honestly think 2K should mainly focus on NBA 2k. If they use the money they have making some great improvements to NBA2k, they'll outsell EA Sports by a lot and survive.
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I have always favored 2K/VC developed games over EA. I remember buying a Dreamcast & playing NBA & NFL 2K. Since those games I have been a fan of 2K/VC. Unfortunately reality might be setting in. My hope is that they don't fold as a development team & another publisher sees the talent within the studio & adds them to their portfolio so hopefully we can continue to see Sports title from them.

If that doesn't happen it's been a great run & thanks for all the memories
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I really hope the end is not near. Basketball gaming is what I do about half of my gaming time. and no one can make a basketball game like 2k. EA basketball titles are usually ok, they have a few good ones. but I have yet to play a bad 2k basketball title.
Please bring back College hoops 2k series!!!
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I hope that 2k is able to keep the NBA Franchise alive. I refuse to go back to EA's pathetic excuse of NBA games. I would love to see a College Basketball game again. It was always my favorite game growing up.
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It's a shame that 2K Sports has to compete with EA. After they controlled the NFL license there wasn't much hope for me. My passion for these titles started when I was playing NFL2K, NBA2K back on Dreamcast in '99 and they were as entertaining back then as they are now. The NBA 2K series IS probably the only hope left for 2K, as EA will want to lock up the NFL license after it expires in 2 years, but by then I think we will have a more than capable NFL game made by EA Sports, even if it does take the threat of 2K making another non-licensed game such as APF 2K13. I would love for them to make a fully customizable football game much like Back Breaker where you can create custom logos, although that may be a long shot. College Hoops 2K8 was a dope game too.
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