OS Staff Lists Their Three Most Anticipated Titles of 2012

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Re: OS Staff Lists Their Three Most Anticipated Titles of 2012

Sports -

1. MLB 12 The Show
2. NBA Elite 13
3. Fifa 13

Non sports -

1. GTA 5
2. Prey 2
3. Resident Evil 6
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Originally Posted by DubTrey1
great lists all around - and props for someone actually being named "Bishop Tart".
Hey man, thanks! I have to thank my parents for naming me that -- so all credit goes to them.
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1) FIFA 13
2) SSX
3) UFC 3

I would love to put FIFA Street in there somewhere as well..looks very interesting!
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Originally Posted by JaySmooov
Up until this year, 2K was still using online code (or whatever it's called, not too familiar with that stuff) from the Dreamcast era, correct? I don't think they'll make a huge jump in online without neglecting/improving other areas.

My list:
  1. NCAA Football 13 - I just want to see where they go from 12. What improvements will they make? I don't expect overhaul-type changes, just improvements, and I want to see what they are.
  2. NBA Elite/Live 13 - Hype seems to be building over the potential features and (possibly) improved physics engine and gameplay, so I'm excited to play the demo and see for myself what it's gonna look like. I expect a lot of gamers to make the jump back to EA if they promote it right, and I wouldn't be surprised if sales were close to 2k's.
  3. Madden NFL 13 - Haven't played/bought Madden in almost 2 years now, but I've been following the game and it's improvements. Want to see, like NCAA, the improvements and changes in the game.
Who cares about sales? Are u getting any of it? That is just stupid. I don't get why you guys continue to mention this. If the game is good and the market that it is promoted to likes it I am all for sales, but if the game is as garbage as what they have been putting out for quite some time why would I care about sales? That has to be one of the most annoying comments that remains consistent around here. Oww, they gonna sell good. Who cares. I am all for competition in sales and everything else if the game is good. Other than that, I could care less about what they sale. By the way, it doesn't make you seem smart to say it now just for the sake of being able to tell everyone I told you they would sell well. Makes you seam like you care about something that is secondary to quality. Madden outsold NF2K and people like myself wish we still had 2K. Maddening outselling it and not being a better product was part of the problem why we are stuck with these exclusives now. They realized you could sale anything to a certain type of person.

At the end of the day I respect your opinion but the mentioning of what you think EA NBA series will sale is just annoying because it gets mentioned a whole lot around here and unless you are getting some of it it just seams suspect.
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1.) NBA 2K13
2.) Grand Slam Tennis 2
3.) MLB The Show 12

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1. College Hoops 2k13? Please Please Please...With limited Euro release
2. Football Manager 2013
3. Nba 2k13 (Skipped 12)
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Re: OS Staff Lists Their Three Most Anticipated Titles of 2012

Originally Posted by RUFFNREADY
Funny how the staff didnt have 2K13 on their list; 2K12 had a chance to vanquish any hopes of an EA NBA title this year, and they let it slip through their fingers. Anything that EA comes out with now will be played by ballers who are fed up with 2Ks buggy game.
I think the lack of 2K13 on anyone's list speaks more to the different expectations placed on the title versus other games. It's way out in front of any other sports game in terms of presentation and individual player signature style, areas that any other sports game would do well to emulate. But those are things that are rarely acknowledged because they're taken for granted imo, while not expected from other sports games. Also anyone saying they're "fed up with 2K's buggy game/looking forward to EA's basketball game" seem to casually forget that the reason EA skipped a year was because their last basketball game was so buggy it had to be cancelled. Something that hasn't occurred with a sports title since early last generation. And even though EA's basketball title will have that oft-desired two-year development window, I'm sure most will go into the game not expecting much from it. Same as a certain NFL football game. Either way, my top 3 (sports):

1.) NBA2K13
2.) Madden 13
3.) (only one) The Show 13/MLB 13/possible EA baseball title
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Originally Posted by wEEman33
It's hard to muster much enthusiasm for NHL 13 after the series has basically been put on cruise control since NHL 10.

I really wish Natural Motion would have made a console version of Icebreaker instead of leaving it on cell phones.

EA NHL has just been resting on its laurels once 2K stopped putting out hockey games.
Yeah, I'm with you. Sadly, I am not really excited for any announced 2012 sports game. To me (and I know others feel completely opposite), sports gaming is in a deep lull. I am a fan of football and hockey, and baseball somewhat. At best (as a 360 owner) that gives me one title in each professional sport (one that has not shown any real improvement in the last several years in each case). When I think back to the days of multiple games in each sport (even including the PC as a viable platform), I can't help but long for the days of old.
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