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PS Vita Hardware Impressions

Our editors Chris Sanner and Dustin Toms as well as staff writer Bishop Tart share their impressions of the PS Vita hardware thus far, look for launch title reviews starting tomorrow!

Read More - PS Vita Hardware Impressions

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Price is going to be the biggest barrier for myself, as I'm sure will be the case for many others. The idea of a console experience coming from such a small device is extremely intriguing. However, price of the system, as well as the games, will deter many. With apps on mobile devices and tablets costing mostly in the $0.99 to $4.99 range, dropping $50 for a mobile game seems absolutely outrageously expensive. I hesitate to even spend anything over $10 on my iPad or smart phone. Granted, the experience is significantly more full featured on the Vita, it's still a huge hurdle to get past the prices.

MLB: The Show alone is enough to interest me in this new handheld, and I'm really liking the hardware from the sounds of it. I'll probably get around to buying one, eventually. I want to support advancements in gaming, such as this new technology. As much as I enjoy those apps in the app store, they are essentially just there for short spurts of entertainment while on the go. The Vita is a full gaming experience.
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Yep, this was exactly my thoughts in my blog. The cost-benefit of owning a PS Vita just isn't there. Picking up a new 360 or PS3 for LESS than the vita just speaks for itself. Also, the games are way over priced. $40 max for a top tier game (such as uncharted). Also, not having any top sellers at launch is going to kill it's initial sales. Just the show and uncharted are the only ones worth while from what I can tell. The smart move would be to play the waiting game and wait for the big price drops. Remember, Sony has always been notorious for over pricing their products at launch.
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With the Wii U coming out this holiday season and a new Xbox possibly next year, I can't justify dropping a minimum of $620 to get the full experiance. Especially when I play games the majority of the time at home and would prefer to be on my 360 or PS3.
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I disagree on the pricing bit. Sure, it's expensive now compared to full-size consoles, but that's what happens at launch. XBox 360 was $400 at launch with the hard drive. PS3 was $500 for the 20 GB model. Pricing will come down over time as the manufacturer gains scale with parts and process.

The other relevant factor is that Vita's pricing, when announced, came in below expectations. People were expecting at least $300.

If you don't want it at this price, that's your decision. If you have the means now, though, you're only thought should be whether you believe you can get your incremental money's worth out of the system before a $50 (probably) price drop later this year. For me, I'm going to play the crap out of FIFA and MLB the Show in that time period, so it's worth it to me.
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Only one day with this thing, but I LOVE it.

It's my personal Hot Shots Golf machine, but when The Show hits, oh baby...
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I'll buy it down the road when it's cheaper. I just hope it doesn't get hacked so developers keep putting out quality games for it.
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Not being able to do anything with my UMDs and the overall price are making me wait. I may reconsider with a price drop or with a solid bundle (The Show?)
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