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OS Debate: Real Time Physics or Authentic True to Life Presentation?

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I know im going to get hammered for this, but to me True to Life Presentation would have more impact on the current state of Madden football. First off, im not saying gameplay is not important. It sure as hell is. That said, I dont think Madden plays all that bad right now. I am very much excited about the new physics engine and curious how this revolution will affect gameplay. I cant wait to see those dynamic collisions.

But the biggest hole in Madden right now is its lackluster presentation. Ive said it before an ill stand by the fact that how we SEE the game is just as important as how we PLAY the game. In my opinion the lack of a strong network style presentation is the jarring issue that prohibits full immersion in this series right now. From its painful, uncoordinated, dull and repetitive commentary, to its completely absent halftime/postgame show (still waiting for an updated 2K5 show), Madden just does not look like real NFL football. Camera angles need to be added. Replays need to be talked over and analysed ("Backtrack" started doing that). Game breaks need to show out of town scores and highlights. Announcing must talk about player performances and give our leagues a true sense of authenticity and meaning. Madden feels very generic and repetitive. Sidelines are static. Cutscenes quickly become too familiar. The editing and cuts between camera shots stutter and look rough. We are simply reminded way too often that we are watching a video game and not a football game. At this point that's just not good enough. When you stand Madden next to games like MLB The Show and NBA2K, you see just how far behind the ball it is in terms of immersion. True to Life Presentation would absolutely have more impact on Madden's realism.
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Everyone is missing the point. When he said TRUE TO LIFE PRESENTATION he didn't mean that all the studio updates would be recycled. He didn't mean that we would get th same pregame intros and the same celebrations. If what he says is what he means, true to life means dynamic adapting presentations. And the intros we have now for M13 are not even what we see in real life. If they change it to a real broadcast with fox, ESPN and NFL network with all different commentators who say different things and adapt to the game and the season.. That's a whole lot better to have than physics. Because as much as I would love to have real physics thats just a portion of gameplay. You still need the physics to work realistically in the game. Plus all the interactions and making sure each player plays the way he does in real life. Making everybody play in a unique way blah blah. There's so much more things to implement in gameplay to make it realistic and playable. True to life presentation would make the game repayable in the sense that every game is different and especially in your franchise it would make the atmosphere feel amazing
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ohh this tough for me because i think both can go a looooong way for authenticity but if i had to choose one it would be true to life presentation. i am a huge presentation guy and when i first saw what EA did with putting a virtual Jim and Phil in booth in game i smiled really hard. every time i see it i smile because i know it's only going to get better. when EA had the Extra Point show in 11 every time my week was over i would watch it. sure it wasnt all that great but it made my Franchise come alive. that's what i want in my Franchise modes. i want everything you see presentation wise in real life in my sports video games. i love sports so it's awesome to see it in video games.
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Simple: both of it! I want both, but I know I won't get it...
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RTP is where it's at. NBA 2K12 and MLB The Show thrive in presentation, but really I want to experience something surreal on the field or on the court that keeps me tuned in to actually playing the game. It gets very annoying when you constantly have to adjust sliders and download so many rosters just to get certain tendencies during a game to be executed properly due to glitches, bugs, or just poor real time reaction.
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physics for sure
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Re: OS Debate: Real Time Physics or Authentic True to Life Presentation?

presentation...but I want both!! lol
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Both, but if I have to choose physics.
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