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Old 11-26-2012, 08:13 PM   #9
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what a lot of people don't realize is that there cannot be an issue with the player's likeness.. the NCAA owns that and can sell it if they wish... the same reason why they can sell jerseys with the number of a particular player. They just do not have the rights to the names... this is also the case with posters and printed advertisement for the actual events, not just games. The NCAA is actually working to gain access to athletes names, which would allow for these games to become even more realistic.
The issue with the lawsuits comes from AFTER a player graduates or leaves the NCAA, at that point the NCAA is arguing that they still own the rights to anything from their time in college, like a replay of an old game. While the athletes are arguing that they need to pay up. Thus, no classic teams. The lawsuits won't hold up in the long run, the players suing signed releases for their images while in school... it is a part of a standard DI scholarship.
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I say ditch Road to Glory or keep it TOTALLY the same so they put zero hours into. I get that casual players like that RPG element so leave as is (and we should totally ignore it).

OL/DL and WR/CB interactions need to feel like... well... football.

Completely overhaul dynasty mode (possibly an AD mode....?) and make it in depth and like the teams are different. The reason this year I'm not going to be playing NCAA in March is because of how stiff everything feels. Usually it's the modes.
I dont know. I just feel a more of the same sort of release coming lol
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At the very least fix fullback blocking in this game. I don't know how many times on a sweep play instead of blocking the guy in front of them they bizarrely change direction and attempt to block a slow lineman chasing from me behind. Run blocking in general is just awful. The AI often does things the smart way against me when they run block but I don't know how many times my lineman (no matter how good or aware) just whiff on a block, ignore a linebacker, it's so frustrating or when receivers just leave their man to go block a safety while leaving the cornerback to just destroy me in the backfield before I can get any momentum. DL/OL interaction definitely needs an upgrade but blocking by the fullback is every probably the most horrendous issue on NCAA

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Simple things, work on the option, in game save, user camera.

Also, give us a playoff tree or mode where we can just put in teams and play, none of this fluff GM coach weekly news or extras.

What about a choice of picking just playing offense or defense when chosing sides. I play against the computer and would like to play as both teams but just offense. When I do this Always have to pause and change teams.

Last get rid of the abort button or shovel pass button. Just have the computer block better on play action, too difficult to abort play.
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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: End of the NCAA Football Season Edition

Our own Chris Sanner and Matthew Coe step onto their respective soap boxes for this edition of OS Fact or Fiction. In this edition we discuss the NCAA Football franchise's future and what can be done to make next year's edition great.
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Why Not Us?
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Yuck that last part made me nervous. I've really enjoyed this years game though but I'm starting to get burnt out with this series.
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Old 11-27-2012, 03:11 AM   #15
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The infinity engine isn't perfect, but I can't remember any sports that has kept me in instant replay to appreciate what is going on in a game as long as I have with madden 13. When everything goes right, whether it's a tackle, a goal line dive, or simply breaking a long run because the last defender has tripped and fallen over a player, it keeps me wanting to play the game. I have personally always been an NCAA fan, but I can't seem to take madden out of my Xbox anymore. I want that feeling with NCAA again. Oh, and a smaller football would be pretty sexy too. Just saying.
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EA should really consider the possibility that this might be the last NCAA game and go for broke!!
Here are a few suggestions that, IMO, would make the game stand out for years to come.

1) Continue to build upon the uniform store by integrating Teambuilder into the model! EA usually comes up with good ideas and then goes half assed in their approach. Teambuilder... Good idea that hasn't truly been updated since it's inception. If they gave users the ability to integrate Teambuilder creations with say Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor templates for uniforms it would give the users a feel of the game being personal.... Especially when it comes to their favorite team! Just having a Uniform Store and waiting months for you to create or not create is absolutely stupid!

2) They should also think about the game lasting more than just the season by making it fully editable! Let's say this is the last NCAA football game that EA can create.... If they gave customers the ability to purchase updates through out the year i.e. uniform updates like you started to create or additional stadiums for non-conference match-ups or updated bowl games, the game would stay relevant for years to come and would always keep them in play. It would also probably give them respect that they've lost! From conference realignments to playoff modifications, the game shouldn't be a one trick pony! I wish they'd get ahead of the curve instead of reacting late and striking out! Users should feel connected to this game like no other.... They shouldn't keep their fingers crossed hoping that you'll get it right next year. After NCAA 11 I thought they may've figured that out but I was wrong!

3) Finally, they need to take the time to truly sit down and look at what they're creating! Why is it that everybody in these communities who watches college football seems to know more about the game and what's in it than they do? Copy and paste! I know that sounds simple and it's more technical than that when it comes to creating a game but the message is simple. If they see it in the game "Copy" and "Paste"! From equipment, player appearances, field degradation, gameplay (physics), and atmosphere.... Copy and paste!
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