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OS Fact or Fiction: End of the NCAA Football Season Edition

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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: End of the NCAA Football Season Edition

Originally Posted by DetroitStyle
if editing for some reason ever did get removed I would probably be done with the series.

I'd sure spend even more copious amounts of time on SCEA's MLB Show series if somethin' ever did happen to NCAA
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#1 - Depth to field ratio needs to be corrected. This will legitimize ratings such as speed and acceleration. The players are too big for the field currently.

#2 - Offensive and Defensive line interactions as many as have said needs to be corrected.

#3 - In football, never in a game do you see the exact same tackle twice....no need to go further on this rant...

#4 - The players, especially the AI consistently appears as a robot running down the field. How is it that other games can represent fluidity in movement for human characters, but EA cannot?

#5 - What is the purpose of having a 6'6" 5* recruit at WR who won't jump up for a pass, but will allow a 5'10" CB intercept the ball in front of his face...EA are you kidding me?

#6 - Beating dead stick with a horse...In previous iterations you allowed me to use L2 or Left Bumper to turn my WR around to attempt a face jump for the ball in mid air...So your online CHEEZER'S have caused this function to be taken out on AA and Heisman...in offline dynast as well...WOW...THANKS EA!


#7 - Oh yea...did I mention anything about tackle animations...

#8 - You do realize a great addition to dynasty would be to have other coaches beside the HC recruit high school players...you realize they do this, right?

#9 - Please be diverse with regards to having more ethnic players in your game...there are more than just white and black athletes in football today...

#10 - Sliders appear to work in practice mode, but not in play now or dynasty...why is that EA?

# 11 - Can the field while playing look like real grass rather than a Home Depot or Lowes carpet rug?

#12 - For the love of Ray Charles get rid of those PREDATOR DREADS...you had them right in last gens games...even Ray Charles could see that...

#13 - I hate to bring up 2K, but steal from them with regards to player packages...based upon a players attributes and skills have them play true to their style...a bruiser RB like Toby Geirhart...a finesse and bruiser RB like Adrian Peterson...and dual threat RB out the backfield...a la Warrick Dunn...have a spectacular WR a la Peter Warrick...

#14 - BACK DOWN OFF THE GRAPHICS....This is what's killing the fluidity of player movement during the game...2K doesn't have great graphics for their players...but theY sure have some GREAT GAMEPLAY...

#14 - Has anyone on this community board ever been to a high school, college or pro football game where PASS INTERFERENCE was ''NEVER'' called...

#15 - Looks as if will be ranting next year for the same stuff..I'M OUT...!
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LMFAO I love every single one of your 15 mini rants. I just wish they would stop jerking us around saying they're gonna do this and that and that things are improved and then BAM nothing....

One thing I do want to say is I believe that NCAA Football is in no trouble going forward in terms of sales. College football is the second most popular sport as the article said. And this game would be the second best selling sports game in the USA if the game was of better quality. Honestly I believe that we will not see a better game until the next generation.
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While I'm not sure if we will see a better game this generation of consoles, I do Like the total control passing, and the passing angles. But I think they should have really put the infinity engine in. All that said I hope another developer steps in and makes a game
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