OS Fact or Fiction: End of the NCAA Football Season Edition

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OS Fact or Fiction: End of the NCAA Football Season Edition

Our own Chris Sanner and Matthew Coe step onto their respective soap boxes for this edition of OS Fact or Fiction. In this edition we discuss the NCAA Football franchise's future and what can be done to make next year's edition great.

Be sure to chime in with your own thoughts!

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If they even think about taking out editing, I hope they look at the angles before they do it. Problems with player likeness? Ok, remove the ability to edit NAMES if you must. Keep ratings and equipment open. Shouldn't be a problem there, easy as pie.
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I think they really need to focus on five things as far as gameplay is concerned...

1) They need to fix Offensive / Defensive line interaction. I've won a lot of games in NCAA and lost a lot of games in NCAA, but never have I won or lost because of what happened in the trenches. Positioning, ratings, and varied playcalling have far too little of an impact on the game.

2) SPECIAL TEAMS! How hard is it? If EA is so worried about their online players getting upset by a blocked field goal, give us a set of special teams sliders that allows us to actually have a chance to block kicks and punts. On top of that, the entire return system needs to be redone. It doesn't work as it is now.

3) WR/DB interaction. Especially with physics being introduced to the series, we need to have more fighting for the ball. Players should be aggressive when trying to catch and swat a pass. EA Football is the only sports series I know that only has one or two animations for the entire aspect of the game. Put simply, they are about 10 years behind the times here. More catch animations, more battling for position, more swat animations, etc.

4) Coaches should have more of an impact on the game. There is more to coaching than just developing a playbook. A coach should have a designated style for each kind of situation. For instance, Nick Saban is more likely to remain calm and carry out his original gameplan when behind than a coach like Mike Leach would be. There should also be a recruiting rating for each coach. I'm not sure why CH was able to do this 5 years ago, but NCAA still can't grasp the concept.

5) Make the field bigger! I've been saying this for years, and now GotMadSkillz is all over it with some in depth research he has done with the game. There simply isn't enough 1 on 1 situations, and it results in a cluttered field of play that is very unlike college football.
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Playoffs playoffs playoffs does anything else really need to be said on what must be included in next years game?
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Player editing would never be willingly removed. Not unless the NCAA specifies that the feature cannot exist in the next license agreement/renewal. The courts or lawsuits would never rule or be able to argue against player editing. It would be like removing photoshop form store shelves because you can recreate an Iron Man movie poster. It doesn't make sense and there is legal mumbo jumbo that supports it.

If anything, EA would randomize all rosters and take away the roster share feature. I'm OK if they go down that road as you can still find ways to share rosters but if editing for some reason ever did get removed I would probably be done with the series.
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Roster share is not going away. and they will not take out editing. Keep the players how they i believe will keep the players and numbers like years past in the game. but the height and weight would be different. it's not a NCAA violation when the fans are putting the names and rosters in the game. The rosters are random when you buy the game. EA will win this BS law suite. and there is no likeness for these players. because Braxton Miller is not as fast as he is in real life. they don't even have nathan williams on ohio state. and the roster are pretty much random.
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If or when roster editing goes......I guess that's the end for me. I know its not EA's choice. But I would have no interest in a football game with fictional players.
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What is so wrong about having fictional players anyway? Especially in a college game where the names are constantly changing anyway? Aren't all your players fictional by year 5 of your dynasty anyway? When it comes to college football it's supposed to be all about supporting your school of choice regardless of who's on the roster.
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