A Sporting Look At the Xbox 360 (Interview)

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Dave; I see your point; TBH, to me, this whole article was about the Kinect anywayt, and very little about the Xbox.
My problem is that the big wigs in gaming, seemingly across the board, from the CEO of EA, to the Reps of Microsoft and Xbox, have decided amongst themselves that everything must be directed towards Online and Interactive gaming. Microsoft decides it's big feature is going to be the Kinect, so therefore, they subtlely shift the focus of the software designers to create games which take advantage ( I E promote) the Kinect, thus garnering more sales revenue etc.
Nothing wrong with that except the end result is the elimination of the alternative.... me.
It reminds me of when I was a child, we'd all decide that wearing red was cool that day. Anybody that wore blue had cooties. Well, that was great if you was in on the joke; but it sucked if you wasnt. So now, all the marketers have decided that Interactive is cool. Those of us who happen not to enjoy cheesers or want realism are suddenly "Not Cool". The point being that the Interactive reasoning is just as Arbitrary as the Red/Blue reasoning was to a bunch of six year olds.
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What a shocking surprise. Another article hyping the already over-hyped piece of hardware that is the Kinect. I couldnt see that coming from the onset of the article. (end of sarcasm) Kinect has done absolutely very little for sports gamers because the majority of sports gamers could care less about Kinect & in all likelihood has very little to no bearing on whether or not they buy the sports title. It surely does not for me. It is obvious by now that Kinect is Microsofts binky. They are riding that train because they simply have nothing else to fall back on. Not only that but the company as a whole are fully focused on Kinect. Thats the direction they are going in. Thats great & all, if I cared about Kinect. I agree whole heartedly with Dave. Kinect has little influence on the sports game. The developers have vast majority & thats to continue to create great games. Kinect is a cool little perk.. but not a gamechanging perk by any means. Why wasnt the fact that 2k dropped the baseball (pun intended) mentioned? The 360 as of right now has NO baseball title coming to its console next year. How about that? Real questions on what they intend to do about it when its competitor has been hosting the best baseball game for nearly the last decade. More of the same from MS. Part of the reason why i finally gave up on them & went exclusively PS3. The GAMES are what matter. Not hardware. Always has been that way, always will be that way.
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