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EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns

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Originally Posted by mauro78
Nobody knows....let's just hope it won't be renewed....
dont hold on breathe on this .... we can all dream of getting 2kfootball back , since the espn2k5 was a better game than the current madden. But i highly doubt they will not want to renew that conract. The NFL sought EA out to give them the contract to start with.Also EA knows , as long as they have that contract, while it may cost them intitially upfront cost, they will not have any competition and can do alot of copy n paste maddens for a while .They also know ,without any competition, anyone who wants to play an nfl video game, MUST go thru them . That will well make up for the cost of the contract for many years worth of maddens.Its really sad that the NFL wont listen to the gamers and stop renewing with EA. You can bet, new ceo will have it renewed, and next madden will be a copy n paste of this one , with a few minor irrelevant (real refs , what a joke) add ons that wont deal with the crappy servers, or the gameplay . We must face facts, until we stop buying Madden, this is what we will keep getting.
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It's kind of hard to talk about stock prices when he took over in 2007, before the worst recession in decades. That's a bit unfair. That said, this seems like a positive thing for sports gaming. The only EA game I can even stand to play right now is FIFA.
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Re: EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns

Feel free to show me other companies that lost over 83% of their value during this "recession" you mention.

EAs diasterous stock drop and end results of losing over $10 billion of market value have everything to do with their leadership and bad business choices and zero to do with any recession.

$400million for a NFL exclusive that saw now gain in popularity or sales
$300million for SWTOR that went F2P in months and will never see any ROI
$750million for Popcap games that now has had most of its employees fired and has had
its studios shut down.
$400million for Playfish that has seen a huge downturn and had studios closed.
$775million for VG Holding, which is basically Bioware / Pandemic...which has seen
numerous studios closed, projects canceled, and the diaster Swtor
$200million for DICE..known for the Battlefield series...Shut down numerous studios.
$700million for JAMDAT, which is a mobile gaming platform that hasnt seen any

I could sit here and rattle off another 10 not so well known problems as well that can account to another few billion dollars of stupidity as well.


All say hello from being bought out and shutdown.

Several more studios are about to be closed as well, at least the employees got notice this time so they can start looking for somewhere else to go.
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