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Originally Posted by Trick13
Interesting, not surprising at all, but it does confirm what many have postulated for years. I just wonder if those same suits were somehow exposed to the gripes and complaints of message boards like OS, would anything change.
If I owned stock in a gaming company, I would want them focused on customer satisfaction because the bottom line will almost always follow "suit".
Madden, for instance, is becoming a dead game with my peer group. I am 36 and most of the guys who used to play frequently do not even buy the game anymore. Maybe just maybe, we as gamers need to form an investment group and turn this on its head...
That's what I started to write up here yesterday. It seems to be very easy for suits to lose a connection with the consumer, if they ever really had it to begin with. There's a lot to what goes on between the top of a company, the bottom of a company and the consumer. Sometimes things get "lost in translation" (oooh, Scar Jo, I love u! Heh).
I think EA, as an example (Ian, Ian?), is finally starting to get it. 2K has taken what EA started and run with it. They may have had to bag a few franchises (bottomlines can do that to u) but the blue print of being true to the sport your recreating comes first and foremost then throw in a ton of the little things satisfies the sports gaming consumer.
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You know its weird, for you it only took 2 weeks for me it took about 2 years for me to really get to a point of discontent.

There are a lot of things that can make the job enjoyable and then there are the company politics or general this person playing favorites over that person stuff that just causes a real bad taste in your mouth, I still want to work on the stuff I love but I just wonder if there is a company out there that will let me help them without screwing me over.
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This is supposedly an older person who is somehow surprised at the idea that the business is driven by monetary concern? Business exist for one reason, and one reason only, to make money. That's true for every business, even gaming ones.
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