Working in the Gaming Industry (Part I)

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Working in the Gaming Industry (Part I)

So you want to work in the video game industry?

Working in the video games industry is the goal of a lot of gamers, casual and hardcore alike. What seems better than turning your passion into a paycheck?

This was my mindset, and even though I had very little industry experience, I was determined to find a way in at a full-time capacity. I figured in an industry worth over $10 billion, and there had to be room for me.

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Looking forward to the series. Enjoyable read and thanks for the sharing. Curious as to how you will say lines up with what some of my other friends say.
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Can't wait for part II
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Sounds like its not a walk in the park for employees thus far.
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Corporate A**HOles are ruingin all business. A forklift driver is monitored and given time limits to accomplish moves in a warehouse while the suit monitors even bathroom breaks. Dr's are now told by "administrators" how many patients they have to see a day. Corporate administrators for profit are ruining the American workers rights. "businesspeople" that only have degrees in business, don't see the people involved because they are never tought ethics or morals anymore. Those values are seen as weak. Corporations have ruined America.
We are now the "United States of America inc. property Halliburton co."
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"it can be a very hard thing to follow through on when you know the customer base is the group being neglected by some of your decisions. It’s even harder when the “gamer” in you still lives, and you remember what it was like on the other side in the world of retail consumption and expectation."

So, can you give an example of this? If you're still working for the company I can understand the need to be less than specific, but can you give us an idea of a particular instance where you had to neglect the customer base?

Not to cast aspersions, but the first installment doesn't really SAY anything. Frankly, it sounds more like a brief overview of what's been heard before. I'd love to hear what really is happening behind closed doors.
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Ian Cummings is that you?
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Not really a surprise.

Really interested in seeing how this plays out though as I'm that guy too. I still own all 3 Atari's, sega's & much more, & have often thought about how I could turn my passion for games & gaming into $$$, without returning to school.
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