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OS Roundtable: What are your next-gen expectations?

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graphics and animations are a given.
I just want see better adaptive/intelligent AI.
more in depth and structured on line experience.
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Expectations, Two Words....NO EXCUSES. The disc space won't be an issue and everything that we have asked for should be able to fit in the game. Lose the BS mods..mascot games and ultimate team... Really ultimate team for college?!?! C'mon man
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Originally Posted by Profit89
Next-gen expectations?

Simple: Take full advantage of the PC, the only real next-next-gen platform.
Madden and NCAA are the sole reason's i'm even getting a PS4. I'm a console player first as I hate playing games with kb/m, so if I can get NCAA and Madden on PC and have them truly use all the benefits of the PC platform then I probably won't need a PS4 unless it returns to being the hotbed of JRPGs of the Ps2 days then i'll get on for that reason.

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Maaan, I think next gen is going to blow the doors off everything year after year, progressively. It may have been wise that many sports franchises will not release as next gen, this year, UNLESS they've already been in development for at least a couple years. PES 2014 is supposed to be releasing this year for next gen and it sounds like they've been playing around with those next gen kits for a bit. Good stuff there. Very excited about the console gaming future.
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Does EA have any plans to release Madden or NCAA on PS4 this coming season? I read somewhere that big game companys have had dev kits for over a year.

If they do release it this year, I hope we get a full game, not some P.O.S. with good graphics like they did at the start of this current gen.
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Old 04-20-2013, 05:48 PM   #14
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This is specific to MLB The Show... I'd like to see more detailed career stat tracking for non-user players. For instance, if I'm into my 7th year of RTTS, I'd like to see more than just average, homers and RBI for Mike Trout for the last 3 or 4 years. I want to see full single-season stats for every year of his (and every other player's) career.
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It is pretty simple. I am waiting 2 game cycles before I get a PS4. Being a old school veteran gamer I have learned with my wallet to be patient and let the developers to hit their stride with the new CPU power they will have.

My expectations are by 2015 we will have the best sports games we have ever seen with MLB The Show and NBA 2K, as well as the NCAA Football series. Top Spin was solid this gen as well as NHL 11 and 13

The others is one big wait and see based on this gens shortcomings.

My hope is Madden somehow returns to glory and Fight Night gives us superb AI and a deep career mode.

Will College Hoops make it's return?
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Old 04-20-2013, 09:23 PM   #16
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The fact that there are still features that do not exist that were available last gen, I'm not optimistic as far as NCAA goes. Lack of competition leads to lack of innovation.
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